Tuesday, May 29, 2012

People Suck

People Suck

It is not intrinsic to housing or real estate to be such a pain in the a*s, housing can and should cost very little, even right in the middle of Manhattan, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Rome (no more than 50,000 dollars for a three bedroom house should be the Real Scientific Cost of most houses there) etc. It is people that suck, not houses, people that need to make cash, ever more cash from property, people suck not property, people with all of their contention, conflicts, bickering and fighting, the "Market" and such BS. Especially since we now live in an Excess Capacity Infinite Resource Technological Economy that can deliver all basic goods to all for Free, etc. But the economy, but especially this old fashioned Stone Age Man Brain needs the fight, the conflict, the contrast, the inequality, the winner or loser game, the bickering to distribute wealth, to find out "who deserves more and who doesn't" (which then all boils down to who is the stronger puncher, or who can brainwash who on any BS conceivable, or who has the better personality or "People Skills", "Soft Skills" which really means, who is the better BS artist, etc).

But the economy needs exchanges in order to operate, and exchanges imply someone who has something that someone else needs, but if those that have the goods, like property cannot exchange it for anything valuable the poor average turds can exchange, the prices of those properties go sky high: and this is because most people don't have anything of any value to exchange, are useless turds, are a big fat ZERO, and nothing and no one can do anything about it since especially all labor has been automated and optimized away and that little labor left to exchange, that is not slave factories in India, is reserved to very few top notch players, or especially the few that have "the right contacts" and the right "status level" accordingly, since it is all about status today, all about the haves keeping what they have and the have nots remaining without, etc.

Therefore wee need Free Salaries to all worldwide, Cheap Rents and huge public private projects hiring trillions of people to build those trillions of things I always talk about, like a drone, like a cry baby, like an APE JOB, trillions of Cadillacs and Rockets and BUSes etc.

And we need more work like a hole in the head, we need most people idle watching TV all day long, the greatest invention of all time since TV is an automatic life, you don't need anything more but to watch TV forever and enjoy. If you want to work, you can work for free in a hobby factory building Skyscrapers, Rockets and Cadillacs (maybe for an hour or three hours a day, you choose, etc.).


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