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We are too used to interpreting and decoding things according to what we are already familiar with, with what we know, we try to always translate things into formats that are similar to what we are used too, etc. So the "Aliens" will always be something human like, something similar to us, something we can relate to. But this is false, the truth is much farther from all of this.

What we have in "Natural Evolution" is Matter that self synchronizes itself when it is in certain very specific configurations, when it is composed of a certain combination of elements, of distribution of Mass Energy, when the cinetic Energy of the particles (the Temperature) is at certain very narrow boundaries and levels, the mix of atomic elements and delimitations and boundaries amongst the chunks of Matter are a very specific combination, very precise or at least wthin a range of configurations, etc. What happens for these configurations is a self synchronization of Matter with itself, it enters a positive feedback loop, a run away chain reaction and starts evolving and developing into more complex and higher synchronized chunks of Matter with itself.

Like a radio gets tuned to certain frequencies and finds a signal, so Matter is tuned to itself and starts talking to itself, starts self manipulation itself, starts a long (or maybe short) process bringing forth ever changing and new structures, some of which may become "alive", some of which may become "Observers", or "Information Processors", etc.

Evolution as we know it is too specific, the general problem of how Matter can self synchronize and enter positive feedback loops of self manipulation and a form of self - internal information processing is the correct level of abstraction. And of course, it may even just configure itself in One Shot, as a One Shot Creation without intermediate steps, there may be families of Synchronized Matter, some like our Nature and Natural Evolution, some as a One Shot combination, some as Synchronized Stellar Plasmas, or in Neutron Stars, or in any other possible environment that we many never know or imagine, etc.

But since the possible configurations Matter may be in is so large, more than 10^1000 for example, it is useful to see it as a long line of numbers, or like a frequency range, like the bandwidth of light that goes from a certain low frequency to another high frequency, and at very specific frequencies a radio can tune in and capture a signal, so matter can tune in and start self modulating itself, start talking to itself, start "playing" with itself to achieve many various structures and such.

But we only know this only example of nature on our planet, but are totally unaware of all of the other possible structures and contraptions Matter may express under certain conditions. Natural Evolution is probably only one very simple mechanism and system for Matter to talk to itself, there are probably many, many other systems, an untold number of systems. So you can look at it as a line from here to a trillion kms and imagine that at km 1,234 Matter is in a configuration that can undergo a positive feedback loop of self synchronization and such. And then at 1,555,666,777 kms there is another configuration that can self manipulate and create bit sets that bring forth totally different structures, self aware structures that may have something similar to Minds and Thoughts and Pain/Pleasure systems like us, or many very much more elaborate or deeper or "more advanced", or very different, etc.

And some of these have Minds that self manipulate themselves, and some of the paths may after a long distance of configurations intersect another configuration that came from very far away, they reach the same configuration by traveling very different paths. But there are probably many more configurations that will never meet, that are too far from each other, etc.

So obviously, we cannot have any idea how much diversity there may be in the Universe, how many things Matter can Express, etc. And the path of simply inventing it and constructing it, with intentionality, by inventing new minds and new worlds is just as valid as any other path, nay, immagination and invention is the real science, is the real path forward.

l’imagination au pouvoir. Immaginazione al Potere. Power to Imagination, or may Imagination have all of the Power...

Matter is tuned to certain frequencies...


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