Friday, August 10, 2012

It Is Not The Economy Stupid ...


It Is Not The Economy Stupid ...

And yet all of the "Economic problems" are really problems of what is "valuable", what is worth "Buying" or "exchanging" and mostly what "New Rituals" must we perform as a civilization, since the economy is just one big ritual with the exchange of money, the distribution of money to some people performed only according to what is deemed worthy, valuable, what has value, what is artistically and aesthetically valuable in a Technological Economy since most labor is irrelevant, automated, a dime a dozen, and most of all the Economy today has nothing at all to do with Work and labor at all, they are two completely different animals (all work and labor is 100 % obsolete in a Technological Economy bar none). All of the Economic interpretations of problems only reflects a desperate attempt at trying to find some kind of "Objective Truth" in the economic exchanges, as if they were some kind of law of physics, when in all truth they are totally invented, arbitrary, totally simply a wild number, a wild quirky number totally independent of any real needs.

Just like the "Services Economy" and all the BS associated, all of the "Education" BS and such, when all of this stuff is just artistic choices, rituals, just arbitrary programming of people to act and behave and exchange totally worthless crap, all that is exchanged is absolutely worthless crap, totally void of any need or meaning, just a total pure invention that wants to make believe that it is a necessity and such (and in fact the real necessities like Health Care and Houses cost more and more since all of the other BS is optional).

So this is the real problem: since the system can no longer find (invent and "create" fairy tale - cartoon jobs) enough fake jobs for fake needs for millions of people in the USA, EU and JAPAN, they have to find a new way to distribute wealth, since only through this fairy tale ritual of work has it ever been possible to distribute cash. But since work no longer has any possible value anymore, since it is not needed, there is no new way to distribute cash, so we are headed towards mass poverty unless we simply give out Free Salaries to All and Cheap Rents to all.

The "pure economic" problems are not really even 1 % of what the real problems are: the real problems are what kind of games does the civilization want to play and choose to play, what new values do they want to exchange...


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