Monday, August 6, 2012

Mathematics Has Peaked

Mathematics Has Peaked

Referencing the thread on Evolution and Purpose I declared that the theory of Natural Evolution is most accurately described simply by concepts, by ideas, by sentences and relationships, not with formulas or any kind of mathematics at all, indeed the use of Mathematics would render the theory less accurate, less precise, more vague, would essentially render the theory more false. This is an interesting case where the Myth of Mathematics, the idea of having Complete Control over how Matter behaves by applying Equations, Differential Equations, Probability Formulas and so on and such can get us "Closer to the Truth", closer to "Understanding" and closer to containing an issue within our mind is finally exposed, mathematics is revealed as totally false, not applicable, not relevant, as using the wrong instrument to explain something, etc.

And actually the use of Mathematics would render the theory less correct and less precise since even if you could have all of the exact formulas and sequence of events that lead from Molecules to the First Cell to the End Result of a Man Brain, even if you had all of the Mathematics precisely correct and such (something I doubt possible), it would be useless, it would be just a random case of formatting just one sequence of events to the utmost precision, but wouldn't reveal anything at all with regards to the true nature of the sequence of events and namely that the events are totally casual, random, disconnected between each other, are not formattable at all, cannot be decoded in any logical way at all, and indeed mathematics hides the real nature of what is going on, falsifies reality by pretending that it abides to something that has Formulas or Repeatable Patterns when this is not the case at all, even if they are discovered in just that one case of natural evolution that we managed to decode, those formulas would not have any general meaning, any deeper meaning than being just casually applicable.

But this brings me to the general idea that mathematics, as an instrument to further understanding has mostly Peaked, has finished delivering what it could deliver, etc. The three body problem can't be solved, most real case applications of Differential Equations cannot be solved analytically and precisely, with closed form formulas, most of what could have been decoded and discovered and used by applying mathematics has been achieved, we are now left with a few breadcrumbs left to discover and use.

And it is significant, especially the use of Supercomputers that try to simulate Protein Folding or the Weather or any other natural events by applying the Laws of Physics and the Differential Equations, that no matter how many "Operations per Second" the Numerical program needed to describe and format a phenomena mathematically (and notice especially the fact that we always have to revert to Numerical Methods and Approximations, a truly definite declaration of defeat on behalf of mathematics, the myth of mathematics exposed even though no one notices this) the results of understanding and the possibility of control and manipulation of phenomenas is always very little anyways.

The fact that we have now reached 10^15 operations per second to describe protein folding for example shows just how much the use of Mathematics to describe nature is at the End of the Road, Has Peaked, is mostly over, it is a declaration of defeat bar none. And wouldn't we have so many new discoveries and applications if the natural phenomena even followed those equations and those programs etc. ? Why such a huge diminishing Returns (but we always like Large Numbers) ?

If mathematics were really describing protein folding we could have expressed it with a few lines of computer code and a few thousand operations per second, it would have been clear that mathematics corresponds to reality, but instead we have that no matter how many billions of operations per second we perform, we never reach anything.

Because as all things that came from the 20th century, the great leap forward of Science and Technology, we thought that that progress could go on forever, and mathematics was mostly applied to machines, electronics, to rockets and missles and so on, and in this case all of the possible use of mathematics has been perfected and explored, but when dealing with natural phenomena such as the weather or earthquakes or predicting the exact shape of a mountain range or the exact shape of a cloud or the exact shape of the next wave in an ocean, mathematics fails miserably. And so also mathematics will end up in the dustbin along with the Myth of Innovation and the End of Moore's Law and all other mythologies on the never ending progress of a science that has mostly ended discovering and has mostly peaked.

And of course, this may be because mathematics may always be simply a rough approximation of something that is infinitely deep and detached from our possibility of understanding, etc.

And in fact most of the really important and new theories will be composed of ideas and concepts and sentences without any use of mathematics, just like the theory of Natural Evolution, the application of mathematics would render all of the new science less precise, less correct, more false, mathematics would lead the theory to actually be less precise, less accurate, less true and such. And we will have trillions of new theories made up of concepts and symbols and complex relationships and arrangements of symbols and new inventions of new words etc. And even new comic book mathematics that are complex and weird and crazy and such.

Of course, I may be wrong and some "New Mathematics" (or better still some New Way of Formatting and Manipulating the Corresponding Associated Symbols Assigned to Chunks of Reality) may actually make us solve the three body problem, solve all of the differential equations that don't have exact analytical solutions, solve how to predict the shape of the next cloud precisely and such. I doubt it though, I am waiting, and most of all I think that it would be useless anyways, since the future of Science and Technology is in the path of inventing new Worlds, inventing new Minds and Brains, Inventing New Laws of Physics, not discovering what some random nature gave us just for the heck of it, we must create our reality, invent how it works, not discover how it works.

And even LOGIC HAS PEAKED, be crazy invent new sciences everyday, invent the craziest things, who cares if it is true or false...

l’imagination au pouvoir. Immaginazione al Potere. Power to Imagination, or may Imagination have all of the Power...


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