Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mathematics is Overrated



In any case, Mathematics is Overrated: just because you have a bunch of formulas and models really doesn't mean much, it is just narcistic: most real world applications and calcuations rarely use such of the complex math and formulas and analytical solutions to equations and such, much real world operating is very down to the ground, very rough calculations stuff, sometimes with computers and Numerical methods to be more precise and such.

The Myth of mathematics, the overrating of mathematics comes from the idea that a few simple procedures and formulas can let you be on top of many different complex phenomena and predict them and such: and so it is up to a point and so it has been in the last 200 years, a lot of great discoveries and instruments, but this has peaked now, it is mostly over, very little new great formulas like Maxwell Equations and such will ever be discovered again, you can discover Maxwell Equations and how to apply them (always partially, and always with approximations and even there most of the time there are no analytical solutions to the differential equations to things that practically really count in engineering and such and you always have to revert back to Numerical Methods and such) only once, once in a million years.

Science is a short story, most of it has been told and concluded in the last 200 years, there will be very little new really great discoveries, now we must invent new discoveries, force them, create them, falsify reality, create new worlds and brains and thought systems and brain machines, etc.

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