Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Physics (like Free Jazz)


Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

Up until now our civilization has always found the "discovery process", the "scientific enquiry process" the most important to "advance", but this is over now, most of what had to be discovered has been discovered, there will be very few really new breakthroughs in Science and Technology in the future, so we must completely change our paradigm, our way of doing things.

We must free ourselves from being slaves to what Nature and the Laws of Physics dealt us, WE MUST ENTER THE AGE OF PURE INVENTION, WE MUST CREATE NEW WORLDS, CREAT NEW LAWS, WE MUST NO LONGER BE SLAVES TO THE TRUTH, ETC. We must stop trying to discover Objective Truths but invent Subjective False Truths, we must worship Lies, we must worship total falsification of reality and all, invent fake worlds and live in them, be crazy to the utmost extent.

What happens in the "Black Hole" where the Laws of Physics no longer operate ? Well Free Physics, all kinds of incredible, insane laws are operating, all things are mixed and true and false, everything is related to everything else through everything else and also disjoint and unrelated, all time is confused, all points in space are mixed up, everything is the cause of everything else and at the same time is composed of everything else and at the same time not composed of everything else and ever so more, more and more wacky relationships, make your mind go crazy, like a pebble and a cloud are the cause of a transistor and the electrons flowing in the transistor are little Suns, but at the same time the cause of the Sun in the transistor came from a car tire on a random car, but no, it is the other way around, and you can have circular time so everything causes everything else (and the set of pictures, of transitions of one Matter configuration to another Matter configuration can go through many trillions of intermediate pictures, but also just one, or minus a trillion or all of the pictures are confused and all cause and effect is deconstructed and reconstructed wrongly and all messed up and so on and such), but was also caused by everything else in cycles going back and forth, and time going crazy and all points in space connected and disconnected and all delimitations as one monolithic block, as a pure Entity and item, but then disconnected and so forth and so on.

Of course what I really invent and think is way more complex and elaborate and incredible than me being possible to explain it or write it, I am just giving you a glimpse of a small parts of my thoughts: I am a Genius, the greatest Genius of all Time, bar none.

Free Physics, all Laws and No Laws operating, make up anything at all, as crazy as possible, connecting all kinds of things and disconnecting them, as a letter on a page is the heart of a person, but that person is a car engine in a transistor that is inside an atom and so forth, and all mixed up, all time and space confused, a total chaos, and all so true and such.

Free Physics like Free Jazz, break all the rules, improvise, experiment, or better still like Contemporary Music where even the instruments no longer exist, but any wild sound is Music, so it must be done in Physics, anything as far out as possible is the new truth...


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