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But once again you are implying a purpose, a goal: "The Goal Is For The Species To Propagate" (or survive, or last as long as possible, etc.): FALSE, Not even this goal is operating, what is operating is a chain reaction, a complex chain reaction with many levels of random and detail and many actions and reactions, with no direction at all, not even the direction of preserving a species.

It is hard to get outside of our thinking in terms of goals, mostly cause and effect and direction, since all of our world and thought and language is operating upon discerning patterns, hence goals, hence directions, hence paths, etc.

But evolution can simply be seen as a set of items constantly interacting, some lasting longer, some disappearing, some fighting each other and such. And what gives the direction or goal system are the circuits of pain/pleasure that impose a constraint on how items behave, how they react to another action outside of themselves: some can react against a lot of different complex actions, some less, some casually can last a long time, some may not as soon as some condition changes, and so on.

No species can last more than a few seconds on the SUN, so all species have failed all and any of their goals: ah, but the goals imply where the species must last, so of course, a species gradually lasts longer and longer in a constant environment like earth and such, but that is just because the accumulation of random changes made it become TEMPORARILY adaptable to an always TEMPORARY condition, the condition and environment itself is a fluke item, the system as a whole is totally a fluke item, random, meaningless and can have within itself any possible temporary goal or direction. And then is lasting more time better than lasting less time ? is a big number better than a small number ? are the differences in number values (more time, less time) implying a goal that is better or worse or a direction ? must going from a small number (lasting a short time) to a large number (lasting a long time) better and represent goal achieved ? No, we make up what is bettter or worse, for anything else besides the Man Brain it is all the same and indifferent.

You may say at most, that a direction, or goal, or pattern can be seen within a species as a local pattern, as a local repeatable pattern, but nothing more than this. And you can say this and think this only because all of the formatting of the world in our mind and thought and language and concepts always creates diections, goals, paths and so on.

Hence for a Man Brain everything seems to always have a goal and direction (for a hammer everything is a nail, for a Man Brain everything has a goal and direction), when it is only the Man Brain that is projecting its formatting and its grid on the world according to its own directions and paths and interpretations: a cat doesn't know what time it is, doesn't know how long it lasted, doesn't even have any awareness of time, each moment is all the time there is and will ever be, a billion years or a microsecond are the exact same thing for a cat or for anything else that is not a Man Brain, and it is especially TIME that which gives directions and goals and paths and repeatable patterns, TIME is the great grid that falsifies reality and lets us project our grid on the world thinking that the world really obeys our grid and TIME itself...


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