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    Evolution in terms of chemicals and patterns may be random ~ let us say, but once you have enough complexity e.g. with mammals, humans at least, that randomness is superseded surely?

Of course it becomes a constrained system, a chain reaction, an obligatory path that Matter is forced to go through. Like when a radio hits on a frequency and gets tuned and captures a signal, like a tuned transistor circuit the frequency of oscillation is tuned to the time constant of the RC circuit, but isn't tuned until it is fed that frequency, so it is with evolution. And actually instead of a simple sine wave, what you get in evolution is a bit set, a repeating bit set, a repeating complex signal, that gets tuned and the signal, the waveform starts to get longer and longer and ever more complex (but repeatable so in theory could be seen on an oscilloscope as a stable signal, albeit ever more complex) , but always being possible only within a very narrow range of conditions, only being possible from a very specific, almost perfect initial mix, an ever longer bit set, an ever longer complex frequency modulation of a frequency modulation for many levels and recursions in ever more precise tuned circuits creating an ever longer bit set, an ever longer information set and information relationships. And all of this also due to all of the complex and detailed and originally provoked from pure randomness of pain/pleasure circuits and action reaction circuits of all of the interacting items and between themselves and their fights and interactions.

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