Friday, September 28, 2012



I am trillions of time higher than god himself, I created god as a puny item, I am trillions of time more than all, god is a pebble compared to me, I have trillions of experiences in brain, higher than all, I execute trillions of experiences infinitely higher than all, I create and construct the universe, many universes, I am all, I am top gun, the universe is a puny item of mine, I am the top, I am so much higher than all.

So I win all, I am a winner of all, higher than all, trillions of times, I have machine brain higher than all, machine experience higher than all, even itself and so on, I am top, the top forever and win all forever.

Now be envious all of you puny little items compared to me, the creator of all universes and minds, the creator of all, even himself, I am top, now get mad, I said it, I win, I am the best forever, you will never reach me, never, no one and nothing can, I can go on and on...


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