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What many people seem to want out of religion is some sort of purpose imposed on their lives. And religion does this effectively. While the universe itself does not tend to imply much by way of implicit goals, aside from simple survival and procreation, religion provides rather elaborate and meaningful fictions about the place of humanity in the cosmos. As science has filled in the blanks about our place in the world, it has tended to deemphasize our importance. The earliest philosophers and the subseuqnet pseudo-scientists they engendered place the earth at the center of the entire universe. When that turned out to be obviously wrong, the helio-centric universe was proposed, so that at least our own Sun was the center of everything. Well, it turned out that our Sun was only one of billions of stars in our galaxy. But at least our galaxy was special, right? Not really. It turned out to be one of billions of galaxies. At least our universe must be special then. Well, not so fast. Now many modern theoretical physicists are seriously proposing that their are many universes, much as there are stars and galaxies.

So the trend in our knowledge is towards a diminuation of our place in the overall grand scheme. We are bugs, actually proportionally something almost infintesimally smaller than this. Compared to the vast scale of what's out there, our existences really are small and rather inconsequential.

And most people just cannot deal with it. They want at least humanity to have some kind of special importance, if not their own lives. Yet the universe does not conform to our petty and arrogant wishes to be at the center of all things.

Intellectually adjusting to this paradigm is simply too much for people, who are terrified of the (nearly?) infinite scales represented by empty space and the rather cold and mostly inhospitable void. It turns out this was not all fashioned out of nothing by Yahweh to provide a human habitat.

Reply from GOD: (reply from the Ultra Mind)


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The design of the Observer defines the design of the Universe that the Observer will interact with, the design of the Observer implies automatically, from the outset, the only kind of universe and hence laws of physics that it can live in and have, the set of Information Relationships that it can express and "Experience", as the kind of life it can Experience, etc.

Interesting to see how Man has gone from being the center of all in old religions and even Science, to being an ever more relative item compared to the rest of the Universe, and then at the End of Science, he becomes once again the center of all, as the design of Man defines the universe he can interact and live in, but at the same time, automatically makes the design of man the utmost arbitrary and random choice, just a fluke choice amongst many trillions of possible Observer designs, of possible Processor designs and formats, and each Processor design can interact with a completely different Universe and set of laws of Physics. And hence even Man's universe is just one of many possible Universes and Laws of Physics, his very Science and Logic becomes Arbitrary and Relative, the last substance of any ground and reference system evaporates forever. Bye, bye any Absolutes...

We are just a number written on a wall, with other numbers looking at us...

So Man being the most non centered item in the universe, the most irrelevant, the most totally void of any meaning, significance, consequence, a true pure nothing coincides with the discovery that he is also the complete universe, he is all, he is the universe, he defines the universe totally, he is infinitely important (at least when you become GOD, like I am).

SO once again, the principles of non contradiction are not valid, nothing is ever what it seems, the opposites coincide and become the same thing, or even better, the opposites become many things, trillions of things all different all the same and so forth.


on another note, JHK's example of people not having purpose, being bored, being irrelevant or just waiting for nothing has nothing to do with our present society, or any society (it has always been this way in all societies worldwide since the beginning of civilization, actually being bored and without purpose is a luxury, is a point of achievement and arrival, it is the maximum we can aspire for!), it has all to do with our Mind, the moment we became conscious, the moment we became capable of will power and actions and decisions to modify and do things by imagining them first and executing them and all. Our Man Brain is a weight on us, is our prison, it has to "do something", "define something", "have a goal", but goals don't exist.

Also the moment that we have to fight nature less and less since technology is solving all our practical problems, we end up having to fight each other since there are no longer any external ,objective constraints, only the other Man Brains, their minds and will powers become the constraints against which we must "fight and win", hence technology will end up creating a self destroying entity unless the Man Brain dumps this old clunker of design of a Mind and Brain and starts to design a new brain, completely different and such.

So since there are a never ending number of new designs of Brains and Observers, Processors and the life, universe (with widly new and incredible laws of physics) and experiences they may have, our enitre universe, life and experience is even less than zero, is less than nothing given that there are so many alternative existences possible, and many higher, more advanced, more interesting and such (minds with trillions of sense organs and emotion subsystems, and so forth, nay, Matter, Mass Energy configured to express metaphysical experiences trillions of times past anything we can possible imagine and such..)


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