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Re: Government is not Economy

Postby nameta9 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:12 pm
Hey Das,your AVATAR... did you stick wild symbols, signals and chemicals in your brain style ? you are experimenting with your brain, did you crack open your cranium and shove a v8 engine in it and a jet engine for extra measure ? you are an Instant Singularity, how many new universes have you visited, what new wild emotional states and sense organs did you discover by changing all the neural circuits and so on ? how many microprocessors did you shove in your Man Brain that has now become a new processor, a slab of Matter interacting with another slab of Matter and defining all of a new universe and new Information Relationship Sets, etc... brainium abounds...did you make a huge trillion pages long incredibly intricate and complex diagram of a new brain with trillions of new symbols and connections and designs and signals and all kinds of things (trillions of times more wild and complex than those pictures of microprocessors you can find on the Internet) and implement it ? can you imagine what incredible experiences and states and so forth they can generate with a brain made like that ?

There are trillions upon trillions of new combinations you can try out by modifying all of the configurations of Matter in your cranium, go for it, just do it man, do it...

hey kris, are you sick in the head ? I want free handouts, I want free cash, I want other people's money, who cares about ethic and morality, I am a free entity who is greater than GOD.

We don't need further Economic Growth, we already have all the growth we will ever need, we need to distribute huge chunks of cash to all so that they can consume baby, consume, and buy like crazy, we need huge projects building trillions of rockets and skyscrapers and all things, trillions of cars, and so forth. There are 100 trillion dollars sitting in the banks worldwide not doing nothing, just being used as a weapon against the have nots in the form of inflated home prices and rents and so forth, nowe just steal that cash and give it all !

What is really hurting the economy is this stone age idea of "having to deserver it", "having to work hard for it" and so forth: nothing further from the truth, we need to give all the huge wealth a Technological Economy produces out to all for free instead of stifling the economy by an 18th century mentality that still doesn't see what we have become in the 21st century.

Of course our rich, developed economies will stagnate, the haves already have all they need (the home owners, old spoiled brats) and the have nots will never have anything, so it is this sick desire to punish the have nots with huge home prices and rents, cheap jobs paying little and so forth that is killing the economy and hurting all the poor, not the other way around.

In the meantime, the FED prints 80 billion dollars a month and simply hands it all out to the already super rich and their banks (or so they say so, can you believe it ? can you believe anything ? does it even make any sense ? does anything at all that is constantly being communicated by the news and Internet and books and all kinds of Information make any sense at all ? is any of it true ? what is even the meaning of true and so forth), what thugs, just this alone demonstrates how much free wealth is constantly being generated and should be given out to all for free, UNCONDITIONALLY.

Now go on, inside foul mouth, keep on blaming the poor and keep on sustaining an old fashion mentality destined to kill the world.


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