Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Information Relationships

Re: Explaining Electromagnetic Fields in Terms of Relativity

Postby nameta9 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:47 pm 

"What does this tell us about space? Our preconceptions about the notion of 'space' are wrong; there are no locations, only relations. What is space then? There is no grid of space, no coordinate plane; there is no real "distance" between things."

This was starting to get good, then you took the wrong road. this is the beginning of the concept of Information Relationship, this concept has been bugging me for quite a while, I can't decompose it into something smaller or clearer, no reductionism here operating: a relationship is exactly what ? an interaction ? a point like interaction with no space or time involved ? an event ? an elementary particle of the Principle of Non Contradiction and Identity ? a bit ? Information as such has no "size", no extension in space, it has no "time", it is essentially out of time, out of any reference, it needs two to dance, it self defines itself reciprocally with another bit of information, but then you need a processor, a mind, a large ensemble to decode the bit, the simple monolithic slab of pure Information Relationships and assign them, connect them to interactions, to events that may then extend in space and time, but reductionism in this case reduces the atoms of existence to pure nothings, having no space and time and only existing the moment an observer - processor beholds such entities.

Information Relationships cannot be decomposed into something clearer, it will forever be undefined, irreducible complexity, it cannot be made up of smaller pieces, it is either all or nothing, without space or time or size and in fact this is what makes it so powerful, just like mathematics and the imagination, you can invent worlds infinitely more incredible and complex of what is available using simple logic and simple space and time: the square root of a negative number, the square root of space or time, concepts that have no sense but can be created with information alone, and so forth and so on, if 0 is time and 1 is space what is 43 or -6ty ? yes you can force incredible inventions that tease logic, use some logic and then use their impossibility to be clear and defined..

And I can go on forever trying to understand "Information Relationships" the basic "Interaction", the basic "Event" of existence...



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