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debt fairy tale

Re: Government is not Economy

Postby nameta9 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:20 am
"notice how nobody even touches the issue of the national debt? That is because there is no intent to pay it back."

There is no "debt", only excess capacity, fee wealth, extra cash, extra money that the Technological Economy generates automatically: if it weren't so then the debt could have never been created in the first place, the debt really means excess cash that a few have and can loan it out to others and since the system generates so much extra cash automatically without any "work" to back it up, since it isn't work that must back it up, (by the way, "work" has absolutely nothing to do with how the economy really operates) since there is no longer any relationship of wealth to work since decades, since the wealth - money - extra cash is only a proxy of how much extra real wealth the system generates by using huge economies of scale, huge expenditure of energy, huge networks of transportation, electricity, communications, automation, technology and so forth.

It is all a wrong psychology game expecting the economies to grow and ever more work to be generated in order to pay back the debts, but the economies not only can't grow with this old "work for it" mentality, the technological economy does away with jobs as a side effect, and while it does away with jobs it keeps on increasing the real wealth of societies that are being concentrated ever more so in the same hands .

And in fact don't you notice that no one is asking for the money back anyways, this is because they don't really need the money, the money accumulated and then handed out to others in the form of debt was and is free cash and doesn't have to never be paid back since it makes no difference, it would be paid back mostly to super rich who could care less for that money, they don't need it and don't even know they have it, it is irrelevant for them, hence the debts can keep on increasing forever.

The psychological mistake and the hidden manipulating agenda all the economists and powers that be pratice is that to make you believe that the debt - wealth - money is real, can "run out", there is ony so much available, "you must work for it", "you must deserve it", someone is acting badly, someone is morally accountable and everyone loves this morality police, this blaming someone else on how bad they are and how much debt they generated on how they don't deserve it: but this just helps to confuse people, confuse their ideas, mix it all up with emotionality, blame, morality, "money will run out"; there is only so much and it will all run out, the resource scarcity myths and so forth: nothing further from the truth, we have loads of real wealth available, enough to give it all out for free to all, and the Technological Economy will keep on generating loads of more forever, the debts are just a joke on you and everyone else, to play morality, blame games and make you all fight each other in vain.

And in truth it is all a fight to redistribute an ever increasing stack of money differently, everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie, it is just a fighting game that has no need or necessity to exists, only a stone age mentality that can't come to grips with what the economy is now today under the powers of technology.

Free wealth and cash just doesn't seem to make sense to a civilization that has always lived dirt poor until technology kicked in: we are just in inertia mode, not knowing what the truth is, always believing in 18th century models that are now obsolete, none of it is operating anymore ("hard work", "deserve it", "things run out" and so forth, all false - obsolete concepts).


Re: Government is not Economy

Postby creative » Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:24 am
The issue with government spending is, as we have learned over the past two decades, is that there are really no controls to stop unlimited spending thus bankrupting nations. We have already seen how governments have bankrupt Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, etc. The flow of money goes to the ultra-rich (the top 10%) while the burden of paying debts falls in the laps of those who have jobs or businesses and are forced to shoulder more or more of the debt burden.

For all intent and purposes, the U.S. and Europe is bankrupt but is kept afloat by the the Central banks who keep printing money (devaluing paper currency and savings) in order to pay for increasing debt. The net flow of money is to the top 1% who basically control the governments and create the laws that insure their ever increasing share of all wealth. The top 1% in the U.S. now own about 40% of the wealth which is the greatest concentration of wealth in history. Ironically, the greatest boon to the top 1% in the U.S. has been the exorbitant government spending which has been for the most part a boon for the ultra-wealthy who net the most.
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Re: Government is not Economy

Postby insightfoul » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:54 am
Exactly, there is no moral accountability in this democratically corrupted society.

So the morally corrupt essentially can bankrupt the nation, pull everything down with it, and then blame the opposing party when the time comes. Notice how nobody even touches the issue of the national debt? That is because there is no intent to pay it back. Because this national debt is a benefit for the government. What does the government care, if the whole population owes this pile of many? It's not the politicians who owe paying back the debt. It's the weakest members of society, the poor, the sick, the middle class, the workers. The debt will rain down on the have nots.

The middle class will be destroyed. And the government offers no salvation. Because the government compounds the underlying problem, which is, debt.

The government only offers salvation,
to elect itself into power,
using broken promises,
to further enslave the masses.

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