Friday, November 29, 2013


Another thing: the vote is on basing the highest pay not being 12 times more than the lowest (not 1200).

Anyways the real class struggle is always amongst the lower classes, between the poor and the relatively poorer people, the real class struggle is between middle class and poor and so on, always between the lower classes anyways. The rich don't fight the poor directly, that don't have to, they already all won.

So you have the middle class home owner that wants to rent a house and asks for 1,000 dollars a month rent from the poor low wage slob, so the fight is between the middle class home renter and the poor slob that has to give his entire paycheck to rent and so on.

It is set up so weak people fight between themselves, it is a fight between have and have nots, and now the middle class home owner may need that rent money because he is now unemployed and so on.

A constant struggle and fight, all against all, all fighting an imaginary resource scarcity war when there are no resource scarcities, only an old fashion idea of still having to work when work is no longer needed.

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