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Re: Government is not Economy

Postby nameta9 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:01 pm
"if you get rid of all the real jobs, real workers, and private businesses "

So you assume that there are enough possible exchanges for full occupation of everyone ? are there millions of real jobs - workers and private businesses that can exchange so many goods, enough so that everyone works for private entities ?

Not so, the governments must hire millions (and the military and many other entities) to compensate the fact that there can and will never be enough real jobs for so many people: and this can be done because the Technological Economy creates enough wealth to distribute a lot of it to people who do nothing.

Oh and by the way, the health care bloat is also a lot of fake jobs isn't it ? and the education and college bloat is also a lot of fake jobs isn't it ? and so forth, it never ends....

And give me an example of a real job which isn't in manufacturing building cars, or in construction building houses and a few others will you.

Don't put financial industry, they do nothing but fluff (and rip you off), don't put movies and cinema and entertainment that is also doing nothing only fluff for bored people at home watching TV and so on.

Moralistic you are though...

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Re: Government is not Economy

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