Monday, November 11, 2013

Free Salaries = Save Nature!

Free Salaries = Save Nature!

Postby nameta9 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:47 am
Another disaster caused by "climate change" or CO2 increasing in the Philippines (if this is even true, can we ever really know ? the climate is such a complex intractable process all of our logic and models are probably worth nothing anyways, after all we can't even solve the three body problem so imagine solving the climate, but anyways...). So is China going to keep on buying 10 million cars a year ? is air traffic destined to continue ? is the world going to keep on producing and spewing CO2 by building real estate and TVs and smartphones and all else ? are people going to still have to "go to work" and use energy and burn CO2 and so forth ? Of course...

You can't render 10 billion people idle, you can't keep them at home watching TV so they don't have to go to work and use cars and pollute and so forth, so what gives ? You have to give them Free Salaries and Cheap Rents, and all the basics for free so they don't have to fight and work for it, give it all out for free so the economy doesn't have to keep on being such large scale activity and manipulation of nature and such.

Of course I don't see any green environmentalists asking or demanding for this to save Nature, since the greens and environmentalists are all wealthy, spoiled, well off "Nature Lovers" (just like the old hippies were all bored middle class kids with too much time on their hand playing around for an imaginary revolution) who don't care how much rents are and so forth (they want rents and homes to cost a lot that is why they are always against building homes and building in general, to preserve the value of their "real estate" with the excuse that they are doing it for Nature and not their own wallets). They want to keep their class status so they say everyone has to work and deserve it or maybe go back to the stone ages and agriculture with your bare hands and so forth. And they hugely hepled create the disaster of Nature going wild and climate going wild by not allowing Nuclear Energy and Atomic Energy to be dominant, the cleanest and most advanced energy should have been the number one energy source for decades, instead they created a terror psychology against all things nulcear, that is the cleanest, healthiest and best energy ever, go figure, so they got carbon energy burning to generate electricity and that created tons of CO2 and killed the climate once and for all and so on. Those few Nuclear accidents are nothing compared to the damage the non use of Nuclear will create, and those few accidents are so exaggerated, so blown out of proportion to make it look like Nuclear is the devil, maybe they are paid by the oil industry or carbon industry to make Nuclear look bad.

And instead of burning all trash in energy creating furnaces they want you to separate the trash in so many extra plastic bags and then talk bad about plastic bags: we could have used one bag for all and burn it but by their green religion force everyone to multiply the use of plastic bags creating ever more glut of plastic bags and so forth and so on.

Everything the greens Nature Lovers do is another extra damage to the environment, they never solved a problem only created ever worse ones, with their phony Nature Loving religion.

They should demand Free Salaries to all, Cheap Rents, enought with this "you have to deserve it" mentality, enough with this "work mentality"; the hard work idea of life, the Technological Economy is now rich enough to give everything to all for free.


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