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Public Debts - The Truth

Pubilc Debts - The Truth

Postby nameta9 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:32 am
Pubilc Debts - The Truth

The reason why public debts (and private debts ) and debts in general keep on balooning all over the world mostly is simply because there is no other way to distribute money in a Modern Technological Economy that doesn't need workers and work and labor anymore. There is no other way to distribute money than creating debts, creating mostly fake jobs (government jobs, military jobs, financial jobs, services and education and health care related jobs all creating fluff and make believe necessities and so forth) and then after fighting over how to distribute that money, who is "wasting it", who or what is not needed (government workers are an excellent target for this, an easy target, but no one targets the hugely bloated and useless financial industry or education industry or bloated beyond belief of the health care industry and so forth).

The problem is labor can't really be "created" much anymore, no matter what you do or how you slice and dice it: the technological economy optimizes away labor, all kinds of labor, the huge economies of scale, the energy and information and transportation and other large scale global networks and automations and research and so forth get rid of labor, actually target labor in all possible ways, actually all the talk of research, technology and innovation "creating new jobs" is the most obscene lie and contradiction ever: these activities exist exactly to eliminate as many jobs as possible under the form of "cutting waste" and paying people is always a "waste". Labor created as "people needing the activities of other people" flies right in the face of technology as technology tries to make people as independent and free as possible: of course you can tune the technology so as to create dependencies (what is actually done by MS and Google and Apple and so many others, etc.) and hence the "need of other people" and their "labor, services and presence" and so forth, but this is an arbitrary imposition, masking the fact that people needing people must be forced upon and is not a really natural outcome of technology and so forth.

Hence governments, politics and all kinds of social forces intervene "arbitrarily" outside of the imaginary perfect "market forces" (that never really existed) imposing and forcing money distributions in all kinds of arbitrary ways, for all kinds of arbitrary reasons to all kinds of arbitrary people for no reason at all, but hugely debated, every lobby trying to convince everyone else of how "needed "and "necessary" their puny work is needed, how they are not a waste of money compared to someone else and so forth.

And so the debts and public debts needed to pay for these non needed jobs - but mostly people keep on increasing, pension costs (the "liabilities") keep on increasing and so forth: and when you really actually need something then those costs can be put up as high as possible like housing and health care making believe that it is a necessity for those prices to be so high, but really masking the simple play of forces and inequality of power represented by those prices (simply people fighting each other with money).

So the USA has 10 trillion dollars of debt and JAPAN has 4 trillion dollars of debt and the EU has 5 trillion dollars of debt and so forth: that is the measure of how much excess capacity a technological economy generates, how much free wealth is generated, how much money had to be arbitrarily distributed to keep on paying people so as to not let the economies become third world and dirt poor.

But all the talk of reducing debts and waste and killing government jobs is really a hidden agenda to simply redistribute that money in a different way to make some groups or persons get a bigger piece of the pie by taking it away from others.

Are you really going to cut a trillion dollars of debts ? that is equivalent to killing 50 million jobs or so, so now which jobs are you going to kill ? who are you going to punish ? who is the bad guy wasting money and the good guy not wasting money ? (for me the health care mafia would be the first I would burn to the ground and kill all of those jobs no doubt but anyways).

Then there is this imaginary common good ideology, this imaginary "healthy economy" theory that good economies are competitive, are research and innovation oriented and "create jobs" and that those economies doing bad are "morally wrong" and at fault for not being competitive and "creating jobs" and so forth: another false theory and ideology brainwashing millions, making them believe that there are really objective measures for the economy when it is all simply a power game, a war of forces, a war between people wanting to get a bigger piece of the cake, there is no morality in the economy, no right way or wrong way to do things, only fights, agendas, politics, conflicts and wars and nothing is really generated or created only everyone blaming everyone else for "wasting too much" and being a waste and so forth.

The solution would be to accept that the Technological Economy has changed the nature of work for good: work and labor is now mostly obsolete; of course jobs are still needed, activities are still needed, but the number of jobs needed compared to the number of people needing a job will keep on being ever more imbalanced, there is no way that millions of jobs will ever be created again, this is the truth, the job creating myth of the 20th century is over and done with, those jobs were created in the 20th century according to that level of technology, population and so forth, that is all over and done now.

So instead of creating "debts", just change the name of what you are creating and don't call them debts anymore, be honest and simply give out millions of free salaries to all and call them with their real name: HANDOUTS, FREE SALARIES, CHEAP RENTS OR FREE RENTS TO LIVE, and get over this stone age conflict saturated environment where everyone wants to declare war on everyone else because they "don't deserve a living" and so forth.

Be honest! but can Man reach this level of maturity ? not with this stone age contraption in his cranium, so crack open craniums and stick wild symbols in it, change the way it works, eliminate the free will conflict circuits and change the brain styles and so forth...

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