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Pay Me Back!

Re: Pubilc Debts - The Truth

Postby nameta9 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:36 pm
Also, a very important corollary: the debts must be paid back in some way essentially, so goes the standard economic (BS) theory, but in order to pay it back the "Economies Must Grow", the Debt to GDP ratio must decrease, that is the GDP must grow and so lower this ratio, but GDP growth means economies become richer, have more money, this is why all the stooges in Europe, the USA and JAPAN (and most of the world) keep on repeating, like broken records, like robots, like the total idiots and clowns they all are, that we must "Spark Growth", the "Economies Must Grow", like obsessed (and always blaming this or that for the "low growth", the workers, the economy "not competitive enough", the education level, the not enough innovation and so forth and so on) wishing on a star, wishing in miracles, since this will no longer ever happen and if it does the growth will always be minimal as anyone living in the USA, EU and JAAPN can testify, jut look at the standard of living in the last 20 years in most of these places, etc.

So the higher the debts means the more "guilty" (the morality police) the economies - societies - countries are of "Not Growing Enough", since the promise of the last few decades was, oh, you can make all the debts you want, we will increase our GDP, aka become richer and always be able to pay them back, since we had so much GDP growth from 1950 to 2000 (never mentioning how a true exception that era was, how incredible it was that so many luck chance pieces contributed to such a long period of economic growth in the developed world making them go from undeveloped to developed, etc.).

So now the DEBT/GDP ratio is 100 % in the USA, between 80 to 170 % in the EU according to which failed and bankrupt state you consider, and 200 % in JAPAN or so they say (can you even believe all of this economic BS ? I have a hard time giving any credit to any of this "Standard Economic Theory" BS at all at this point...), that means that these economies must grow and grow a lot in order to decrease that ratio, something totally impossible!

It is like a person who has greater expenses that the salary he takes in but is always hoping to get a raise, some automatic miracle raise that will make him pay it all back again. But why should he get a raise ? why should these countries grow, if growth is over and done with for good for most of these old, saturated, conservative, decrepit stone age mentality entities that are nostalgic of the great 1950s and 1960s ? why on earth should anyone give them raise if they are worth virtually ZERO, since the value of people, economies, civilizations and the entire human race can always be assigned arbitrarily to anything you want, the value is simply given by what the more powerful force in a transaction assigns the other side ?

So now keep on chanting that the Economies Must grow and "Create Jobs" (totally idiotic) and so forth, never looking at the truth square in the face: the party is over, now give out free salaries and cheap rents to all and cut all the BS!

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