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directly draw the waveform of music...

Re: The Future of Music

Postby nameta9 » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:59 pm

Let's put this thing upon two feet:

So if music is a sequence of numbers, the numbers being about 40,000 a second, so you need about 2 million numbers for a minute of music, the numbers being sampled to then recreate an analog waveform, the digital to analog conversion of the numbers create an analog waveform that is then decoded and perceived by the brain as sound and music, the brain probably does signal processing on this waveform, breaking it down into its fourier transform components and such, etc. then in theory you could simply compose a piece of music by writing down a sequence of 2 million numbers, or you could directly draw the waveform that is then played: of course the waveform would be very long as you would need 40,000 distinct amplitudes (signal levels) to create the waveform of the sound - music.

You could morph one waveform of one track into another, or play the intermediate track, you could do all kinds of tricks on the waveforms to create new music, you could even write down the sequence of numbers, or create programs that write down the numbers of a piece of music, who knows, the sky is the limit! you could draw the waveform of the music and the composer becomes simply a drawer, a graphic artist, etc.

Of course things are more complicated than this in the sense that the waveform that corresponds to harmony and something musical for us is very particular, most experiments won't yield much, but it is worth trying and discovering millions of new pieces of music like this.

This is the real future of music, finally free from any and all constraints, especially cultural, human and biased constraints, now the music is really free, absolutely free, we have won, the concept has been created, now go for it man, go man go!, and start composing like this man, do it man, first gear, its all right, second gear hold on tight, third gear, you're out of sight!!!

groovy man groovy,

the turd

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