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Re: Precision in Nature: Evidence of God or Accidents?

Postby nameta9 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:13 pm
The world is not precise or accurate:

from first principles:

1) The three body problem has no analytical and closed solution, only approximations, this really means that the entire project of science as such is essentially failed, doomed, has hit a wall, will never again recover from this blow. This means that no matter how much you study, experiment, devise theories, no matter how close you think you reach the generalized truth, it will always be very relative, fragile and always an approximation, a guess, the true nature of the world is chaos, no rules, oblivion, infinite mystery, no discernible patterns, a joke on logical minds, a chess game against god where you will always lose.

2) The most precise physical theory, Quantum Electrodynamics is based on Quantum Mechanics: a probability theory, this also signals the end of logic and science, the end of determinism, Einstein could not believe it therefore he declared that "God doesn't play dice" but deep inside, he knew that this marked the end of the entire project of science, of a logical world, now the world had events with no causes, now everything went, now the world was no longer deterministic, it was a ghost, a make believe, utterly incredible to behold, but such it is: and ironically the most precise theory of science is based on the random, probability, wild choice, a lucky number, no cause and effect anymore, the end of science. And with the end of a logical world, came the end of any idea of a logical "designer" of the world, aka GOD...

IN general:

1) Look around you, everything you see is casual, everything is a random combination, the group of pebbles on the street, the design of mountains, ocean waves, etc. Could you predict the exact design of a mountain from first principles ? can you predict the exact form of an ocean wave from first principles ? or a cloud ? etc. So therefore the world is chaotic, random, a wild guess, it is not precise, nay, the exact opposite, ever more incredibly random, etc. (don't even get me started on any "social sciences", or "economy" etc, or "medicine" or "biology" etc. in fact the things most important for us are the things least predictable, can never be predicted, etc).

2) Look at how hard supercomputers are trying to model simple things like Protein Folding: even with computers executing a trillion calculations per second, they can't really predict these things any farther than a given limit: and the very fact that you need numerical methods and trillions of calculations is a declaration of defeat on behalf of science, of mathematics, of predictability, is essentially saying "we will never be able to calculate simple protein foldings, nature is too "hard", but just give us cash so as to create larger and larger computers and faster computers and maybe someday... those differential equations don't have "exact solutions".

Actually I have reached a conclusion that the laws of physics of our universe were simply a wild chance guess of relationships that popped out of nowhere, just like a sheet of glass cracks in the most unpredictable way, so the laws of physics, (what is left of the approximations of things that look like laws of physics) where a totally random choice, the metaphysical basis of reality is undetermined, random, completely disjoint, actually these laws of "our universe" are an example of some laws somewhat weakly connected to each other, therefore they fooled us into believing that they were real, but most universes that pop up out of nowhere have even stranger more chaotic laws, and some may have extremely precise laws, etc. all a wild guess, a random number, a wild chance...

Now science is at the end of the road, the only road we have left is to change the way our brain and mind is designed and observes and experiences the world: this is the future of science, a never ending stream and array of new Observing processors on the top of our body, all connected wildy differently, all seeing new universes, etc.

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