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The Future of Music

The Future of Music

Postby nameta9 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:42 pm
The Future of Music

So I was bored and started to play different tracks in parallel, I started to superimpose different albums, songs, pieces of music on top of each other, and started superimposing 4 or 5 different tracks, sometimes related, sometimes not as a type of music goes. I used soundclick and youtube choosing random music pieces (but mostly techno, electronic, noise and some fusion jazz aka soft machine or whatever) and enjoyed the mashup, the mixed up music, some of it was really interesting and new sounding!

So consider that there are maybe 5 million albums of different music out there, but just consider 100 albums (sometimes if they are very different from each other the results may be even more intriguing) and divide them up into 10 batches of ten different albums: that would make 10 billion different combinations of 10 different albums superimposed on top of each other, of ten different albums played in parallel at the same time. SO you could record 10 billion new records, 10 billion new albums!

Of course you can tweak alot with this idea and perfect it, experiment all you want, but even if only 1 out of 10,000 experiments is really good, you still got a million new interesting albums out there, brand new!

The fact is there is so much music available on youtube or soundclick or soundcloud or purevolume etc. that you no longer need to create the basis of the music, just mix what is out there differently (like DJ), the sky is the limit: this is probably the future of alot of new music, the mixing creates combinations and ideas that you would never have imagined or composed or thought up.

SO do it man, just do it, experiment and publish all those new albums, the wilder they sound the better, go man go, first gear its all right, second gear hold on tight, third gear you're out of sight...

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