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The Event Set

The Event Set

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The Event Set

In the beginning there was solid entities, no movements, only blocks of solid state or void or atoms fixed in stable positions, etc. No movements, no events (although there are always some events occuring since absolute zero can never be achieved and photons constantly interact with atoms and virtual particles of the quantum void constantly pop up out of nowhere, etc.). But the random events of particles colliding, of atoms colliding of different temperature ranges creating all kinds of aggregations, sets and delimitations of Matter in the universe from hot stellar plasmas at the center of stars to completely still - static and frozen planets far from stars create an Event and eventually Event Sets, repetitive events occuring creating repetitive patterns, formatting of reality, the frequency modulation of matter upon itself and the frequency modulation of a frequency modulation creating ever more repetitive structures creating all kinds of Event Sets defined by the point like events occuring within a cube of Matter and how they self organize themselves etc.

And within this delimited area of any size, the events create regularity, create molecules, temporary machine like entities (like biological machines and molecules and reactions within cells, etc.): but any Event Set may be imposed, invented, evolved or whatever upon any delimited cube of Matter and hence, when any kind of Observer - Processor entity emerges from a given Event Set, that Observer may experience and "live within" any kind of possible universe (from the observer's point of view, since there is in fact no universe at all, only the Event Set a Processor is trapped within and interacting within) having any kinds of regularities, interaction sets, information relationship sets, etc.

So Events create reality, only things happening, only recording of the history of things occuring and repeating create reality, and in fact we are all based on time slots, frequencies, the Human Machine is based on the frequency of heart beats, computers have a clock cycle, something must be constantly interacting, colliding, measuring, something must be constantly happening to be "alive" so to say, there is no reality outside events, only a skeleton of modes of interactions that will be generated as with molecules in living items, the reactions all occuring in parallel and synchronized and the information flows amongst these molecules and electrical signals in Man Brains decoding the world according to the arbitrary Event Set this brain is trapped within, etc.

But since we can design any kinds of events and Event Set, any kind of Processor can be trapped within it and live any kind of life, experience and universe. The Event Set defines both the Universe and the Processor observing that universe.

The Processor can create any elaborate and complex circuit defining the meaning of events, how they relate to its rules and memories and feelings and sense organs, how the interfaced machine to said processor interacts with the outside reality through other events, hence a set of events etc.

We can also invert it all, all upside down, the event sets can become solids and the atoms all events, for example, just like music can define a solid reality and the brain become a sound wave and so forth : interesting how music explicitly makes us aware of the events occuring, how real it seems, since it is all frequencies and things constantly changing, all modulations and interlocking and snychronized frquencies, relationships, just like computers executing programs are all interlocking and frequencies of bits flowing in a repetitive pattern with decision points, etc.

The events create the world, Matter, Reality, the Universe: create a new set of events, interlocking and synchronized events occuring in the most variable way, in the most random point in time and space and with repetitive patterns and regularities of all kinds and you can create the Universe with the most incredible possible experiences and lives occuring...wildy new Laws of Physics, etc.


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