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Re: Precision in Nature: Evidence of God or Accidents?

Postby nameta9 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:15 am
nameta9 wrote:Now science is at the end of the road

..has only begun.

hey "saint" ---

Will we discover something as big as electricity again ? will we discover something as game changing as Quantum Mechanics ? Relativity ? Maxwells Equations ? and all of the technology ? jet planes, atomic energy, microprocessors, space flight ? etc. etc.

Maybe you believe in Nanotechnology and tiny machines building up the world ? or maybe genetic engineering applications ? Quantum Computers running an infinite number of instructions per second creating reality deeper than reality ? Fusion Energy creating infinite energy from water and air ?

Are we at the beginning of "applications" (at which point my modified minds could be an application of science and hence I can agree that we have only begun, nay, we can't even begin since the number of combinations of new minds is so large that we can never even begin to explore 10^10000 different minds and lives.) or at the beginning of "First Principles" like Calculus, Relativity, Theory of Evolution ?

And you think there can be thousands of new theories, game changing ideas and breakthroughs from here to the year 100,000 ?

The latest real physics theory is the Standard Model "finalized in the mid-1970s ", no newer real theories appeared since...

Explain yourself, or are you just answering with one liners ?

I think that the most optimistic approximation is that we are 70 % through with real discovering and probably applications of any real value...(with an invariant "present state" brain), just look at music, from 1600 to 2000: 400 years created probably 70 % of all possible music and ideas, no really pretty songs appeared yet in the years 2000, of course we have all kinds of electronic music and fusion jazz and what not, but most pretty songs have be made and are over and done with (like burt bacharachs - look of love, or songs like moon river, or have yourself a merry little christmas (listen to the james taylor cover)), etc.

the tardy boy

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