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Invent the new world with new events...

Re: Precision in Nature: Evidence of God or Accidents?

Postby nameta9 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:19 pm
James S Saint wrote:The actual first principle(s) never change and never will.

There are an infinite number of First Principles and No First principles at the same time. It depends on the "Event Set" the Observer is living in: our Man Brain and consequently our civilization has mostly expired the possible Event Set we can interact through, as the models of the world, the knowledge, the theory and the intentionality of use we perform depends on the accumulation of events, experiences, interactions, a fixed set of repetitive interactions and patterns crystallized in our mind and behavior and reinforced through social consensus based in the many multiplying instances of similar Man brains confirming themselves and talking to themselves essentially even though they have the illusion of talking to other separate and different man brains (people talking to each other are really simply talking to themselves and one format of the world through one fixed example of a Man Brain).

Now a solid is a set of particles where nothing is happening, you need an event, energy, you need them to move around and collide with each other, you need interactions to then create events and then memorize the events and order them logically according to any models the man brain is designed to decode. But you need temperature, an energy, something moving compared to everything frozen, etc. That is why we explore higher and higher energies in particle physics, to discover new events, interactions, new possible patterns and so forth, the beam of energy as the temperature set creating new events, else all would be frozen and not produce any interactions.

But our Event Set is now mostly expired, known, most patterns decoded, and in fact science has to reach out to farther and farther limbos to try to discover new things, high energy beams, black holes, extreme low temperatures, all things at the limits and so forth, remote, complex, not everyday things. Because our event set is expired: but event sets are arbitrary, events and interactions can be any at all, can be organized in any way at all, any event can be designed, is a decision point, any ordering of arbitrary events in Processors, new minds can generate new First Principles and worlds, hence events, interactions as point like signals and their accumulation construct the world, but can construct any arbitrary world according to what events and signals are chosen, how the Processor decodes them and interacts and what the new Event Set is: since these can be any at all, an infinite amount of new Event Sets meaning interaction sets, experience sets, and hence Universe with New Laws of Physics, etc.

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