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Re: The Event Set

Postby James S Saint » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:02 pm
nameta9 wrote:The Event Set

In the beginning there was solid entities..
But since we can design any kinds of events and Event Set

Therein lay the fantasy.
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Re: The Event Set

Postby nameta9 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:13 pm
It is all a question of static and moving, what is the fixed skeleton upon which the events express themselves, the circuits are the static fixed plan, project within which the signals will cross, the signals are the events but without a fixed static substrate you couldn't express the events and signals as they vary compared to the fixed substrate.

So you need an arbitrary fixed chunk of Matter compared to an arbitrary varying frequency upon it, hence these are all variables and can be designed as any at all. The spectrum going from static - solid - frozen to high frequency and trillions of events occuring in parallel like in the center of Star plasmas is analog, can vary linearly, you can have any amount of the Event Set and Experience Space and Information Realtionship Sets divided into any amount of fixed and varying, static and moving, any precentage of fixed compared to varying, etc.

Sound and Music express this well, you see that the essence of the information and perception is frequency, is a waveform, etc. and indeed even images and sights are something that can be perceived only through circuits that are active, alive, that have constant frequencies occuring amongst themselves, constant events and signals that make the eye brain machine work, since that is how the brain perceives images and all else, through signals and frequencies and moving against static, although I suspect that images and pictures are being perceived through circuits having much higher frequency signals and events flowing through them compared to sound wave circuits.

But consider: if 0 is static and 10 is moving what is 4, 456, -4.56 ? and I don't mean amount of moving or static but completely new properties that are related (as in free physics) with these entities, as place holders, etc.

And consider if 0 is sound and 100 is image, what is 34 or 3566 or -7.5678 ? and I don't mean amount of sound or image but completely new properties that are related (as in free physics) with these entities, as place holders, etc. But you can also INVENT (as all that counts is inventing and playing around and playing "make believe") that this can mean mixed properties or even morphed properties (music morphing into images, or a track of music morphing into another track), but also completely new properties unrelated or related that signal new wicked possibilities, etc.

also check out:


and for music we can imagine tracks of music morphing into other tracks linearly...

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