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fermi again

Re: Fermi Paradox

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Fermi Paradox Resolved

Why can't we see and hear many other alien civilizations assumed to exist ?

Any extra terrestrial civilization or intelligence would have a very narrow window of time to be interested in other civilizations, interest in the outside world, in communicating with other imagined civilizations on other planets before starting to manipulate their own brains, minds, putting chips in their brains and creating an essentially solid state civilization.

In fact the number of universes that a said civilization could explore by self manipulating itself and communicating only with in a limited area of mass - energy, is greatly larger than any number of alien civilizations. And the manipulations of mass - energy interacting with itself (that is what the Technological Singularity is essentially when brains change themselves and start manipulating themselves and talking to themselves) would be similar in any other area of the universe, hence the curiosity for other alien civilizations would not be sufficient: nothing really new could be discovered compared to mass - energy self manipulating itself.

Mass - Energy self manipulating itself would be similar in any other point of the universe, nothing new to discover.

Brains that self manipulate can create all kinds of new informational relationships within themselves: you can imagine, within a cubic meter, trillions of transistors, neural circuits, optic circuits that are exploring simply the combination of Mass - Energy self evolving and expressing itself. Some parts of the cube can evolve at extremely fast and different rates, so as to be creating essentially "alien civilizations" only a few centimeters apart, and interacting, communicating, and exploring all the same.

So what would be found in a small volume of Mass - Energy self manipulating and evolving and interacting with all kinds of combinations and dependent and independent parts, Free Willoniums, Computroniums, etc. is equivalent to what would be found by civilizations that evolved millions of light years away, independently: ONLY THE INFORMATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERACTIONS, ALONG WITH, EMOTIONS, LOGIC, NEW BRAIN CIRCUITS, NEW ORGANIZATIONS OF MEMORY, LOGIC, INVENTED LAWS OF PHYSICS really count, the rest is redundant.

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An exploration in the space of configurations. It is mathematically equivalent to visiting other planets in space ships or visiting "fake" planets in a simulation: the independence of the planets and the life that has evolved on them can be made equivalent, the simulation can be made as independent as possible from any initial starting point, after all it is always the same Mass - Energy and is the same in all points in space.

To frame the concept better, imagine how many possible combinations of information and sequence of information events your senses could possibly perceive (keeping the brain an invariant for now, with our "traditional and old fashioned" organization of memory - logic - emotion - pain/pleasure circuits fixed and hardwired as is today). These sequence of information items aggregate and add up into an "experience", so there is an experience that is mathematically equivalent to going to Mars and encountering Little Green Men. Exploring the space of combinations or using a space ship is equivalent, only that with the "simulation" or within the 1 cubic meter of singularity Mass - Energy self manipulating, you can explore a much larger state space much faster. But then you just need to encounter one Civilization that changes everything you think and know and all of your technology to halt the exploration indefinitely ...

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"The idea is probably not new, the universe is just pure information, the it to bit physics, so all possible combinations of these bits mapped to everything we can imagine is just a small subset of what is possible. The laws of physics seem to select only a very few combinations, but the superset of all combinations is the real size of the universe or any possible universe, so that is true reality, not what we feel with our senses."
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