Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Stuff Will Set You Free

Free Stuff Will Set You Free
Redistribution of wealth is impossible. Exactly as we have become rich enough (mostly thanks to Technical Knowledge and the Technological Economy) to do anything and give all the basic needs to all and then get on with the Future finally, project and design the Future by building trillions of things, things upon things like crazy, like a robot, like a drone, like insanity achieved, such as Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of people with new Brain Styles having new circuits, wild Brains, really wild and creative new Processors as Brains with many new subsystems and new block diagrams (trillions of complex block diagrams and symbols and components and schematics, like electronic circuits describing brand New Brains and Observers and Processors doing anything and Experiencing anything imaginable), Trillions of Cadillacs, Trillions of Rockets to Mars and to the Sun (with trillions of people inside them, so they roast, baby, roast) we have no way to redistribute the wealth and get the projects going anymore: the model of distribution of wealth based on Work and Labor (which has been rendered Obsolete by Optimizations and Automation and such) can no longer work since "work" is no longer available and especially necessary, and especially the Technological Economy has made the random Free Wills of the Powers that Be (the rich and those that can "Invest" in any productive activity) ever more powerful and dominating (and quirky and flukey) since they are the only ones that can choose if and on what millions of others will work on or not work on at all, etc.

So given that there is no way, or a random fluke, ever changing way to distribute wealth by hiring and firing and always changing the "value of what is being exchanged", as it is all about Services, Culture, exchanging mostly symbols that are supposed to have some imaginary and arbitrary value and such (like Blackberry smartphones are now "out of Style" hence the value of that device and that company is now a big FAT ZERO, and so on), since the number of possible new exchanges that could correspond to "new jobs" is ever more reduced (since optimized and automated, etc.), since THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH POSSIBLE EXCHANGES BETWEEN PEOPLE IMAGINABLE SUCH AS TO CREATE THE CORRESPONDING NUMBER OF MILLIONS OF JOBS NECESSARY WORLDWIDE (after all when you exchange some food, some manufacturing goods, cars, houses, some health care and some other crap, very little is left to exchange between people, there is no way you can force other exchanges, no matter how hard you try, and in fact, the exchanges that appear - that are then produced are mostly created, invented, are mostly imaginable and imaginary, symbols, fluff, "Information" (Facebook ?) which can have any value at all and can be exchanged (and forced on people by laws ?) but they have no real basic value, since only housing, food, cars and some other basics have real value, are really part of an economy) then the only solution is to give a Free Salary to All and Cheap Rents to All Worldwide and huge public - private projects like Skyscrapers and Rockets, etc.

Absurdity of the Science of Economics ? But the absurdity of Economics or any Science that wants to describe, predict or discover the underlying laws of Economics or Sociology or all of the Social Sciences is that they are based on imagining that societies and groups of people follow any rules at all, are stable, follow some kind of invariant logic and such: nothing further from the truth, societies have no rules, they are just a huge mess of actions and reactions of everyone against everyone else (or collaborating or anything else) of point like random quirk decisions and will powers changing everything constantly, a series of chaotic events, random events that cannot be put in a box and "talked about" and such.

Like a box containing a material where any point can influence any other point or points or volume, area and reciprocally and such, since Information connects all with all, and the ensemble of Man Brains action and reacting constantly in all kinds of possible ways.

And in fact we simply talk about imaginary worlds and logical structures pretending that the Economy will work according to what we decide is the model and such (but it could also work since there is a positive feedback loop in as if everyone believes in the models and thinks that "that is the truth and operating", they will actually make the model become true and such) but they are all fairy tales, mental models, words putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it" (like unemployment, JOBS, GDP, etc.) and pretending that the ensemble operates as a unit, a single item, like a number and follows simple logic, simple cause and effects (especially since the ensemble contains individual people with their individual will powers and decisions and random actions and such that is ever changing, that can change from any moment to the next (to anything at all, any fight at all or anything at all) and the will power decisions and events can be anything at all since the Man Brain is a totally unstable, chaotic, random entity that can change moment to moment to anything at all and the connection of random events and actions between people can go anywhere at all).

Failure of mental models anyways ? everything is a description of make believe large scale items encompassing many distinct and independent items all based on many distinct random will powers, events, totally unknown and unpredictable fluke events happening for no reason at all in any point in time and space at all, etc. (like the twin tower attacks) and having any large scale consequences at all, etc.

But all of the above is false, since all of the above is just another "Mental Model", all crap, all useless crap that can be and will be contradicted by reality in a jiffy for any reason at all.


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