Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Philosophy and Science is Wrong.

Why Philosophy and Science is Wrong.

We are always in description mode, in denotation mode, in discover the laws, the principles, the patterns mode, we are always abstracting from reality to thoughts and concepts, always putting in words, concepts, formulas, mechanisms in the mind and in the imagination to then plan the future and perform a free will event on reality, to make it go in a certain direction according to theory and such. We are always in logical mode, logic mode, etc. But it is always like a chess game that you will lose, no matter what, it can't last a trillion years and you will be hosed by some random event outside of your theories always, and this explains why all is relative, all is just a momentary configuration, a momentary situation that will change and contradict all of your ideas no matter what. This also explains the fights and the inequality between items and people and such: each is a configuration wanting to be the only one, or the reference or believing that it is right or whatever, but each is just a random fluke with no one more right or better or more "general" or closer to any "absolute" than any one else, etc. Each is just a temporary event, temporary configuration of Mass Energy and Matter that has nothing more or nothing less than any other chunk of Mass energy, they are all equal, no matter what.

But that is the problem with science and philosophy, it pretends that increasing your knowledge or your theory or your precision or your generalizations (as all language is based on pattern abstraction and generalizations, but generalizations and pattern abstractions are always partially true, partially correlated to reality, whatever reality is since reality doesn't exist at all) will make you better, superior or unequal to a pebble or to a baby and such. Only partially is this the case and only temporarily, but you lose a configuration by becoming another configuration, you lose knowledge and experiences and possibilities just as much as you gain them by moving on to another configuration, by changing your configuration, but configurations are always changing if only because you are constantly memorizing new data, new histories of yourself and so forth, accumulating new "knowledge" but in all truth, not at all as the law of conservation of knowledge is always operating, you never acquire more, you just acquire different, you just change, you just erase an old configuration in your mind and write a new one in it and such.

This explains why when you are in pain, all of your ideas and past thoughts are worth nothing, since you only need to get out of pain and such (all else is irrelevant and you finally see this). This also explains why any new Mind design is just as valid as any other, any degree of knowledge is just as valid as any other, even a baby knows as much as Einstein since each is just a slab of Matter organized in a certain way and interacting in a certain way with itself and with what is outside of itself (but inside and outside is just an arbitrary definition, it is always just Matter talking to itself, self manipulating itself, it doesn't matter what delimitation is interacting with what other delimitation as any delimitation is arbitrarily chosen and grouped always according to some scheme in some mind, to some grammer in some mind, to some other generalizations, imaginary generalizations that in all truth never existed, as generalizations, any at all from numbers to words to thought to anything in our mind is fairy tale that makes us feel comfortable, that makes us think that we are on top of it all, when we are just fooling ourselves, just for enough time that Random, Chaotic forces will allow us to fool ourselves, after which our true worth, and all the true value of all our knowledge is revealed, is finally exposed for what it is and that is nothing: a big fat ZERO, no matter how many new and elaborate theories you thought up, no matter how many trillions of years of knowledge and science and philosophy a civilization or a super brain has accumulated, that final little quirk that will break all will occur and your real worth is finally exposed (and even if it its gradual, even if a civilization decomposes in thousands of years, it doesn't matter, the law of conservation of true value of all is always zero, or infinite or anything you want, etc.), this explains why you can lie and believe in lies and invent any truth you want (just like religions do, etc. and especially economists do as all of their theories is just a huge pile of BS trying to hide the real class warfare going on as Man is fight always just fights itself forever and such), so everything knows everything and nothing, all is achieved and unequal and equal, the pebble knows more than Einstein and such.

This is why a newly designed modifed brain and a newly designed simulated universes - realities that makes Matter perform and undergo new expriences is just as real as anything else, you are free to lie as much as you want, to invent as much as you want, to make it all up, be wild and crazy and you win forever (just as I have finally substituted GOD, I threw him off the thrown once and for all, now I am the most, the top, the infinite, I am the Ultra Mind and wins all forever and such), since it is all true and valid at least within the time span that the joke lasts, at least as long as it lasts, just like a movie, just like a civilization that had a good time or good moment, it was all great and true and valid at least as long as it lasted (maybe our civilization, the Technological Civilization will last 1,000 or 10,000 years before self destroying itself or whatever, so it was all valid and good in that time span), so even if your new brain style lasts for a microsecond and you are GOD for a microsecond, well that universe was valid for that amount of time and such.

But as you can see, even these block of texts are generalizations, are pretending to be more than what they are, are trying to be on top of it all, finding the more general patterns as a path to the more absolute, but all ideas and generalizations are false, irrelevant and worthless as in The Mind Is Always Wrong No Matter What.

And especially, all generalizations, patterns, abstractions pave the way towards religions towards useless pain (as when one tries to find the general laws of how a sociey must behave, we are all sinners and such), or as soon as someone thinks in larger scale terms like (what have I done with my life and such, the denotations, the other mind judging you, or you wanting to be judged as such by another mind, the useless effort in trying to modify the other person's free will and judgement which will always be arbitrary and a random fluke and always just a causal one point event with no deeper reason than "just because") all kinds of larger scale ideas, abstractions, then you enter targets denied, a sense of failure, or a sense of problems or a sense of being wrong morally and so forth and you have to do something about it, you are guilty with the guilt complex, and all information (the Information Economy, the Information Age means the Constantly Increasing Never Ending Problems and Conflicts Age, Kill Information and the Internet, erase all information and knowledge, let's go back to very little communication, no need to know anything) just does exactly this, brings on ever more abstractions, generalizations, models that must be respected, models and targets (but the models are never reached so failure is guaranteed, and conflicts and fights and unhappiness is guaranteed, as more informations means more models and more problems and more targets failed and more conflicts and so forth, and more science means, just like religion more "correct ways" things must be done, or more correct techniques or whatever).

ON a side note, since a Technological Economy kills so many jobs, just repeat the same actions over and over again, repeat the same jobs and the same duties and tasks performed over and over again (like build a skyscraper and then tear it down and build it up all over again forever, or write a book and then erase it all and write it all over again forever, now extend that to all the work that has been done in the last 50 years and let everyone do it all over again or better yet, let new people that don't know how to do it do it all over again adn take an infinite amount of time and make mistakes, and mistakes will create ever more work, make everything a mess, complicate everything infinitely, millions of new programming languages, systems a total mess, trillions of man hours worked all in vain, but at least being paid and such and so forth) it is easy to create work, So work is infinite just do all over again the the work that a hundred workers did in a year, just keep on doing everything all over again forever, kill memory, freeing knowledge and memory will create an infinite number of jobs and such.

Funny how all the "smart economists" never measure what exactly has been produced by millions of workers, they never reason in terms of accumulation of results, accumulation of outputs, but just in terms of statistics and numbers, concentrated on the process not on the product so to say. But if they would concentrate on the real product of millions of workers worldwide, they would measure a huge amount of negative productivity and waste, since nothing is accumulating, nothing is going forward, most work is just spinning wheels, like Microsoft could have used all their workers for something much more than just writing windows over and over again and such, and Apple writing Apps (which are just good old fashioned programs called with a new name and such) : but if they concentrated on output, they would realize that millions of workers worldwide aren't producing anything anymore, nay, are not even needed by a Technological Economy, that would imply Free Salaries and Cheap rents for all, and real projects should be devised like rockets and skyscrapers and high speed trains and such, but this would imply that they can't reinforce the idea that people must fight each other must fight and be "competitive" (another vague word not meaning anything) and also produce nothing at all but fights and conflicts and lawyers and such.


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