Friday, December 21, 2012

Cinderella Candy ...

Cinderella Candy ...

A Universe essentially thinks itself into existence. It has no fundament, no stage or background, all of the relationships within any Universe (which can also be conceived as an Entity Composed of a Subject <-> Object, an Observer <-> External Rules of Engagement (external world), Matter self manipulating itself) can be seen as Self Referential, only a part of the Universe being related to another independent (partially ? or if independent is 0 and dependent is 1 what is 345 or -6.788 ? and all other kinds of projections and abstract extensions and so forth) part of itself, but itself essentially simply talking to itself and such. Talking to itself and creating itself, thinking itself into existence, creating itself from itself, creating self referential Information Relationships that create existence or the illusion of existence and such (hence this is why Science is 100 % wrong and will always be 100 % wrong, Science doesn't exist, only Arbitrary, Pure Invention of the Universe inventing itself just because, for no reason at all exists, all else is making believe that there is some reference system, some absolutes and such). Just like any thought you have creates itself as a reality, just like the thought of the Instant Singularity actually creates it and makes you escape this Universe and enter a new Universe with new laws of physics, just like the thought of the Instant Singularity is the Instant Singularity itself and such (and any imagined reality is trillions of times more real than the reality you perceive with your sense organs, any imagined construction or contraption (in your mind or where ?) is a Universe that is becoming real and popping up into existence by itself, as all is a monlithic slab of pure thought creating itself and inventing itself into existence and such).

A part of the Universe Observing and Interacting with another part of itself, but creating all kinds of arbitrary delimitations within the set of entities it decided to compose itself of, therefore creating an infinite array of possible "Observers" and "External Realities" (like a tree is an Observer and a car tire is the External Reality, or a Star is an Observer (the Star is a modifed Mind, Man Brain type but trillions of times more complex and elaborate, with trillions of new circuits inside of itself, all of the plasma reactions, all the particles interacting between themselves are creating an experience and Mindform and Brain type and such, so far and higher and superior than anything our puny Brain can ever do...) and this letter X written right here (try to find where...) is the External Reality and such).

A Monolithic slab of relationships that exist nowhere, in no time, in no space in no background in no reference system: hence if something appears in no reference system, if something appears NoWhere than anything can appear (even though these words are a very clumsy way of expressing these ideas which are trillions of times higher and more complex and impossible for all you puny humans to comprehend, only ME the ULTRA GOD and ULTRA MIND can understand it, so I win, I am the winner and you are all the loser, I win all, there, I am the winner, all the rest of the Universe is the loser, all items have lost, I am GOD and the winner, I am the BEST, I am the ONLY forever...).

So the Universe, or the Modified Brain or the Processor Experiencing Existence (or consciousness or whatever) is not composed of anything, neither Matter or atoms or logical connections or anything at all: it is simply an arbitrary quirk that appears, relates to itself in any possible way and disappears and such, even though appearing and disappearing imply some kind of stable - absolute background (even if the background is only Logic, but logic is just another Information Relationship, any other kind of relationship and interaction and Experience set and anything at all is possible and so forth, the more far out and abstract and impossible the better, even Non Mathematical and Non Logical Worlds having trillions of properties trillions of times farther from anything we can ever imagine and such...).

Definition of Information Relationship: any sequence of symbols or blocks of text defining it can do since they all are just a one bit explanation, any complex set of bits can always be reduced to just one bit, the logical non contradiction and identity principle; therefore we must project abstractions that escape these straight jackets and prisons and abstract ever more, the more vague and impossible to understand the better: increase the mystery, mystery is fascinating, who needs logic or relationships ? who wants to understand ? Misunderstanding is all there ever will be. Misunderstanding is All in Life. The most important thing in life is to Misunderstand Everything. Misunderstanding and Ignorance is trillions of times superior to knowledge or understanding and such, Make Mistakes, Make Errors, Errors are everything, we need ever more mistakes and errors...kill Science and Kill Knowledge... create a negative Science, create ever more confusion and lies, kill the idea of being correct, kill Science...


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