Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mundane Babble (blabber ? ramblings ? or 1965 Rambler ...)

Mundane Babble (blabber ? ramblings ? or 1965 Rambler ...)

Abstraction Kit. Ape Cock says. So sentences and blocks of text condense always to the very last sentence or word or concept or letter or bit, the condensation of all past events into one item and entity, the conclusion of all is always the very last instantaneous configuration of bits in the Universe, or bits in the Abstraction Kit Set and such. But you can also go backwards or jump around all over the place within all of the blocks of text ever written, you can create any path, any wild and crazy path through all items and entities in the "world" (or even just some, like a pebble and car tire and the word GOD create a new concept and conclusion and such) all bits and numbers and letters, and every point can become the final conclusion, the result of all of the effort, the final number with respect to all of the sequential sequences of entities that finally compose a "conclusion" and such.

So the final word or concept in the last paragraph is composed of all of the entities in the Universe that lead up to it, reductionism, the decomposing of a word into its constituent parts, but really a word is composed of all of the words that lead up to it, like an atom, they rotate around the final word, but not just metaphorically but actually, really, a true construction and such.

So all can be composed of all else, reductionism, explosionism and such and so forth. But all is a repetition, but you can invent infinitely different, and assign each bit infinitely different from the previous, or all is a monolithic block of the same, no differences between anything and all cases in between, and extend, project, projections all over the place, invent the craziest, make it all go wild, make it all hang out and such. And this is all nothing compared to what crosses my mind, all of the combinations and all of the extensions and abstractions and recursions.. you would never believe it, I am trillions of times more powerful than GOD or any GOD, I am the ULTRA GOD, Nietzsche would understand, Richard Feynman would have fun with my ideas of Matter creating its own Universe and Laws of Physics and such.

But such is the case, it isn't Matter that really creates new Universes and Laws of Physics, it is an Abstraction Kit, a set of symbols and Information Relationships that can create events within itself, a monolithic slab of pure existence that creates universes and never ending surprises and such, and it can go on and on. And abstractions within abstractions ever further removed denotations, ever more abstract and also becoming infinitely real through completely new and powerful sense systems and sense organs and emotion systems, trillions of times more intense than anything you could ever imagine, but also invisible and all possible cases in between and outside of the set and so forth, and ever more, like an atom bomb and my thoughts and concepts explode like an atom bombs with trillions of new things, inncredible, you would never know or imagine, not even any GOD could imagine my level, the greatest possible genius of all time, I know all I am infinitely greater than all of civilization I am the ULTIMATE.


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