Monday, December 10, 2012

Sacrifice for the Invisible...

Sacrifice for the Invisible...

Or for (Nothing?), as in all of our actions and models and ideas, and imagined effects are all denotations, are all imagined effects happening to things "outside of us", to other chunks of Matter, and "what they are going through", or the importance of the other chunks of Matter and such: the "common world", the "laws", and laws of engagments, the statistics that reflect what is happening in the common world, like the GDP or the Unemployment rate and such, all abstract entities and concepts and ideas grouping a set of other chunks of Matter and assigning them a state of imagined "well being", measuring them and seeing how close they approach the "good values"; the good numbers, the "Good", the "generalized metaphysical good", that accumulates in some abstract space, reference system where all of our acts and all of the narratives accumulate and serialize, an abstract stage where the indirect and the denotations are real or imagined such, as if it is a container where all of the acts of people are accumlating and creating a monolithic slab of history, a monolithic slab where all actions have an effect, a slab outside of everyone but belonging to everyone, just like religions, just like the idea that "you will be judged by your actions" (by a generalized mind ? by generalized laws people can apply to each other, the entire fundaments of LAW and LAWYERS are all based on this), all of your actions are recorded and memorized and part of a huge painting where each act must contribute to the "common good"; the imaginary "common good" and the imaginary "common world". And so it is with so many statistics and measurements, like "how many books does the average American read yearly" and if this number is bigger than a better sign and result is being written to the monolithic slab of "common good", the imagined world where everything accumulates and is being measured by an imaginary mind judging (but all minds can judge, but the implication is always from religion, GOD judging (but any and every mind is a little GOD judging, and being completely in control of the imagined "common world" and such), and religions create the idea of "common good") it as a "population achieving and constructing a better common good" as opposed to those that are scribbling and breaking parts of the painting of entities that are all being serialized and accumulating in the Volume of Space and Existence made up of the "commmon good"; the "common world" and such.

But nothing like this really exists, only instant disjoint events exist, reality is infinitely shallow, is a point like event in a point like space with no further extension and no outside world or "common good" world or whatever. We are infinitely shallow and there are no denotations and indirections, the fact the more or less people read more or less books and the imagined effect this has on an imagined "Volume of Space Containing the Accumulation of Morality and Results, the Serilaization of All Actions and Signals and Events and Will Power Decisions and Effects" is all an invention, a ghost, a figment of the imagination believing in outside worlds, in other people and other minds, in common worlds and such. There is nothing but instantaneous configurations of Matter and Mass Energy "believing in things and imagining things and such", a slab of Matter that is configured with a set of bits (all of the neural network configurations in the Brain where all of the rules and memories and narratives of a lifetime are recorded and all of reality is constructed through this quirky configuration of bits pretending to be real when it is just a simple random memory write operation, a random number written in a random memory slot pretending to become reality and truth and such) making that slab of Matter believe in some kind of Objective Reality and with Objective Reality, the Outside World and Other Minds and Morality and Other People and so forth.

But the metaphysical invention of the outside world can even be played with and extended, lets create ever more complex and abstract Volumes of Space Containg all Events that crystallize as Serialized, as Accumulation of Result, that will be measured and judged by a GOD (any Mind, another Mind, as any Mind can decide to constuct any interdictions to any other Mind and hence then, at that point, become all very real, especially if it induces pain/pleasure and such and this is why Lawyers and Law and Politics (and especially the Will Powers acting out and the Fights, the final truth of A against B, end of story) is infinitely more real than Physics and Science, it is Man who creates the greatest interdictions and constraints upon himself, not the more detached Laws of Physics...), so then all of what I said can be put upside down, only infinitely deep exists, only a never ending recursion of denotations and results and serialization as really everything is just a consequence of abstract and such.

But this goes without saying: all of what I say means that the opposite of what I said is true, the opposite of the above is true (not the above), invert all I said and that is the truth, and then invert it again and so forth. All of the opposite of what I say is the truth, all I say is false and so forth.

So a slab of Matter can live in an arbitrary "Subjective Bubble" made up of any false laws, any configuration of bits in its Mind creating any imagined reality and truth, as long as it is all coherent (nay, it can even be completely a mess, who cares, the slab of Matter enjoys confusion more than precision...), so insert rules of engagements and memories and narratives (and histories of a life or a lifetime, a five year old baby having the memories of a 200 year old man and such) and imagined "other minds"; "outside minds judging" and anything else, no matter how far out and remote and impossible and create ever more insane virtual realities, all fake (but exactly because they are fake, they are real and such, since all reality is just a set of bits written to memory slots in our Brain and such, a set of memory locations in the Observer, the design of the Observer creates and invents and designs the Universe in which the Observer lives and such), hence Matter can self create any Universe it wants by writing to itself, writing new truths and reality in the Matter chunks representing Observers and such, and all of the combinations in between, a never ending array of combinations between outside worlds, imagined outside worlds, Observers inventing Universes and so forth..

Matter designs new Universes within itself and then designs Observers to navigate them and such...


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