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Ball of Grey Matter

Ball of Grey Matter

So take an Observer, a chunk of Matter that experiences some form of consciousness or life or undergoes experiences or whatever anything that is similar to what we think "Life" is or "Life for Man" is or something like that. Now imagine the Ball of Matter that represents the Observer, now imagine the limits of the size and complexity of the Ball of Matter varying from an Electron Sized Brain to a Star Sized Brain - Observer - Processor - Modified Brain with new wild and wicked, groovy and crazy neural circuits, electronic circuits or explosions or atomic bomb like explosions that are actually thought processes or chunks of thoughts or atom bomb explosions that are letters or words or even just pixels of a complex Super Thought or Super Mind or Super Emotion that are / or many trillions of complex elaborate explosions that are a narrative and part of a very complex and deep experience or feeling or emotion or many other ever higher, trillions of times higher than all of that situations and such wild symbols or / and wild chemicals and chemical reactions happening inside the crazy Ball of Matter representing the Brain and Soul of the "Thinking and Living and Experiencing Being That is Supposedly Alive".

SO imagine the limits of the universe and the laws it discovers and the engagements that that chunk of matter has with other chunks of matter and such and how the design of the Observer influences (nay, defines, designs a new universe with new laws of physics...) the universe it perceives and interacts with and such: if it is an Electron Sized Brain it can interact within a subset of possible interactions that Matter (or Mass Energy or whatever you want to call the slab of entities we swim within) can have with itself, only a given set of symbols and Information Relationships can be executing by the tiny brain within its environment, it will never know or discover larger scale items and entities, it can't see the car engine or the skyscraper and such, it can't conceive or render them in any way with its Possible Information Relationships Set and such. And now imagine a Star Sized Brain, the same applies, it can't see the skyscraper or car engine or relate to it because its size and design and interaction mode, its dialog of Matter with itself effectively precludes certain configurations and interactions, hence even the awareness of certain laws of physics, of certain worlds and experiences and possibilities and such (it can't conceive of what it means to run in your backyard or take a swim in an ocean and other things and such).

But then just imagine how many things those brain types can conceive and experience compared to our puny brain and life, and then just imagine how many new ways of engagements with matter and mass energy they can have, with many new and different sense organs and interaction points and such, if the brain has trillions of sense organs and arms so to say or just one, if it interacts through a diffused gas (if it is a diffused gas, or create any possible set of delimitations of groups of entities defining them as in or out or the mind or the body or anything at all) or if it doesn't even have any concept of what is outside of itself or inside of itself and so forth. Invent all the possible sense organs and interaction points and arms so to say the new Observer, Chunk of Matter undergoing experiences can have, an ocean is a sense organ and a cloud is an arm, a planet is another sense organ and a galaxy is another arm, a car tire is a sense organ and a tv set is another arm, and all of those belong to one Observer, a diffused brain living in a very large volume of space (at least the size of a thousand galaxies) and made up of random contraptions all acting together (or not even together, disjoint and crazy ?) to provide the brain with a lifestyle and Experience Set, a new Universe as Perceived by a new Observer Type and such.

If it is a Galaxy Sized Brain then it can't discover or use the laws of physics that we use to produce microchips, if it is a Universe Sized Brain it can't discover, be aware or ever use quantum mechanics or car engines or other different scaled entities and laws and such, if it has only trillions of sense organs and a small processor as a brain it is another kind of entity, if it has only a universe sized memory and abstraction kit, it lives in another kind of universe and so forth, the possibilities are never ending and such.

And if it is a photon then it can't discover "the speed of light", nay, the "speed of light" doesn't even exist, so imagine the limits of all of these possible chunks of matter going from the smallest to the biggest and eveything in between, how many new possible universes and laws of physics are possible ? a never ending.

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