Monday, December 10, 2012

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

So any system of constraints, of impediments of interdictions that Matter imposes upon itself, imposed upon a subset of itself (a chunk of a slab of Matter acting as an Observer, as the Subject compared to the other parts of itself, of the slab acting as Objects (but they can mixed up, or a monolithic linear slab of continuous Observers and subjects mixing and converting into each other and all cases in between and such)), and the forcing of that subset (in the instantiation of an Observer, a Processor, a kind of Man Brain type and similar, but I mean something trillions of times deeper, more sophisticated and such) to navigate a Universe type can simulate and project upon any Experience Set imaginable: it can also correspond to the experience set of a scientist discovering Electricity all over again and such (or equivalently, as the equivalent Information Relationship Set and such). SO you can imagine an organization of Matter that is flat up to the point of being one bit and such, hence impossible to discover anything, but you can fool it into becoming infinitely deeper than anything our world resembles and such, and all cases in between, so the fake scientist chunk of matter can discover electricity all over again in a certain configuration of matter, or can discover things trillions of times better and more exciting, or can be closed on a flat one bit universe where all is discovered but enjoy deeply anyways, or vice versa and so forth...

So Matter self programs a part of itself with a Knowledge Set and Possibility Set and lets that subset of itself live a life and experience in an arbitrary Universe according to how the Chunk of Matter representing the Observer is programmed, the memories it has, the Information Set it has and all of the rules of engagements and the arbitrary interdictions and impediments the chunk of matter (acting as the Processor, a kind of Man Brain) must navigate through in order to exist and live, as the opposition to constraints is what defines its experience set and life style and such.

SO Matter casn self manipulate itself and create any kind of Observer, any kinds of constraints, any kinds of rules of engagements the Observer must follow and overcome in order to navigate the completely arbitrary and programmed Universe Type Matter decides to impose upon itself.

So imagine discovering Electricity all over again (of course your memory has been erased so you don't know all the further - future knowledge, but the same way memories are erased to let you lose knowledge, the same way it can be written to to increase your knowledge infinitely, it doesn't matter what correspondence to truth it has is, it just must have some correspondence to a configuration of Matter inventing itself, being its own boss and such).

Matter self manipulates itself and creates its own Observers, constraints and Navigation Path Sets, its own impediments to simulate anything even discovering Electricity (and even similar and more incredible things trillions of times higher and over and over again and such).

We are at the end of Science, now only modified brains will give us new knowledge, unless we erase and rediscover forever old knowledge, but old and new are arbitrarily defined, time is a joke, invent all, lie to all, Matter loves to Lie to itself...


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