Saturday, December 8, 2012

Matter Self Manipulates Itself and Creates New Universes

Matter Self Manipulates Itself and Creates New Universes

It is hard to accept the concept that a different Observer implies a different Universe and different Laws of Physics, implies a radically different Experience Set the Observer can undergo and such. But that is exactly the case since the Observer is just a slab of Matter, a group of entities that are arranged and acting like ONE, like a unit and interacting with an environment, but the environment that the Observer interacts with is defined by how the Observer is designed, the sense organs, the arms and muscles it has (but I obviously mean way more than these puny examples, way more elaborate and complex sense like organs and arms and such), all of the input and output signals going through the Observer and how it reacts to them, etc. It can easily be imagined that just by changing some of the sense organs, some of the rules of engagement of the input/output signals and impulses and the resulting input/output signals and reactions, the Observer can Experience a completely different Life Form, Experience Set, Information Relationship Set and hence really Universe and Laws of Physics and such so to say.

But even us, we are really all simply a set of point like Observers, a diffused Observer where Matter is conscious of itself only in the points corresponding to Brains (people), we are all and always like particles and points receiving and decoding signals and executing output results and signals that other particles (other people) can decode and interact with, but it is a set of discontinuous points that only amongst themselves and between them, do they perceive and interact with the "Outside" world, all of the intermediate points between them (the outside), all of the land and items between people themselves are dead, are not part of the party, are not conscious and such (since the Observers would have to occupy all space and time and completely saturate all, but such is not the case for us at least, but we can invent hybrids and projections and imagine linear Observers and such merging into the Outside world...), so we are a given organization of Matter that allows us to see and decode and interact according to repetitive patterns that this particular organization of Matter provides us with, but it really essentially provides us with a complete Universe and complete set of Laws of Physics (all illusionary and only locally valid, local is valid for the given local Observer design), even though this is perceived only amongst a few particles of the entire ensemble of Matter (but this perception, for the particles is complete, this perception completely saturates all, it looks completely continuous and real, all the items between people seem to occupy all space and existence - real, we fill in all of the blanks so to say, but it is really much more similar to computers talking to each other through a network thinking that the whole world is only the computers and their network while in reality the whole world is infinite, infinitely more complex and never ending as there are a never ending combination of possible Matter Organizations creating Observers and completely saturating reality (but it only appears to be saturated, a kind of optical illusion, Observers filling in all of the blanks by simply not even being aware of the blanks, just like we are not aware of how arbitrary our Brain and neural networks are (and therefore our entire decoding of reality and our entire experience of life as conditioned by this), we take them for granted as being an absolute and the measure of all when in fact they are just one quirky number amongst a never ending set of numbers)), but radically different Universes and Experiences and such, only a very small volume of the Matter is really participating in this Movie, in the decoding and Universe and instantiated "Laws of Physics", all other items are dead or unknown or part of the outside or are the Objects of the Subjects and such.

So given a new configuration of Matter expressing new Observers, imagine new interdictions and delimitation sets, new laws of engagements that Matter expresses by talking to itself through this new configuration, those Observers are really in a new Universe, 100 % different universe in a sense infinitely far away from us, we have no possible point of contact unless we become somewhat like those new Observers and such. Imagine Matter creating a slab of Iron that decodes and interacts through a wild and crazy contraption and very complex elaborate description of Outside reality (it doesn't matter how wild and invented it is, all is invented and fake when Matter becomes "alive", Matter lies to itself always when it starts talking to itself, so any invention any simulated Universe, no matter how far out, anything, no matter how far out is real and true as reality is expressed through the interdictions Matter imposes upon itself as the chunks behaving as the Observers navigate the configurations of Matter according to what interdictions are being invented and imposed upon it).

But the word Matter here really means any Symbol Set, an Entity Set that can talk to itself, and in fact even Matter and Mass Energy don't really exist, only Information Relationships exist so to say, and no matter what I say or any Man Brain says, it is always a very local and partial reality, just a reality according to that one Observer type, nothing more general or deeper than that, so the Laws of Physics and the Universe really don't exist, only a given interpretation and organization of symbols in an arbitrary Mind of an Arbitrary Observer trying to fool itself that it is Absolute and real and valid in all cases, trying to fill in all of the blanks, trying to saturate all possibilities and reality with a few puny items it perceives and interacts with according to his tiny puny Brain, but it is just a quirk, an invention and such.


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