Saturday, December 29, 2012

Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits

I was reading that chips, CPUs now have a billion transistors and such: wow what a waste! all of those possible signals and interactions all dedicated to a one point linear logic, to solve a "problem", and such. What they should do is create thousands of independent signals and circuits criss crossing each other and interacting randomly, the expression of independence and randomness, or each its own goals and programs independently from the other paths and colliding every now and then, interacting and messing up everything, just like any model of an economic system should express independent will powers and goals colliding conflicting, influencing each other and destroying the others plan and goal, the other "program", but sometimes collaborating, and sometimes creating temporary aggregations of common goals, only to depart and collide or conflict or ignore each other and such. Imagine how many possible circuits and interactions, programs and chunks of goals all talking at the same time, not there to solve any logical problem (NAY, TO CREATE EVER MORE PROBLEMS, TO CREATE EVER MORE IMPOSSIBILITIES!) but there to express parallel interactions, point like interactions happening in parallel, all at the same time, simultaneously and doing all kinds of surprising things and such.

With a billions transistors you can have so many signals and processors, each different and so many microprograms doing all kinds of wild stuff, all kinds of insane stuff that leads to nowhere, since the real goal is to break away from logic and break away from the past, to see really new things, mysterious things, things that cannot be decomposed into any kind of logic, wild and parallel and full of analog signals along with digital signals, imagine how many wild registers and circuits, all kinds of wild and crazy circuits, all kinds of crazy things, with so many millions of transistors there are trillions upon trillions of combinations all crazy and cool, all insane, just like reality, where no possible laws can operate, where logic is finally defeated and a new brain is created and such.

Scientific Research should not discover laws, it should hide them, demolish them, we need to understand and be on top of things like a hole in the head, we need confusion, mystery, we need the end and death of any kind of logic.

Research is always bound by a problem, by an intentionality, by the desire to solve some problem and such (and use it socially, economically, create a new "product" and "company": so shallow, so stupid, so undemanding, so much more of the same crap that has been going on forever), to predict and such, but this is so stupid and simple, a one bit mind with one bit logic with one bit problems, simple yes/no linear problems that are irrelevant, that are not important: we need crazy, we need insane, we need wild and creative, we need ever more mystery, ever more impossible to understand, we need parallel logic, me need to make as little sense as possible, we need to be completely free from any kinds of problems or boundaries or intentionalities, we need trillions of crazy circuits trillions of crazy and cool and mysterious, and the more you research it, the farther you get away from any logic and understanding, inverse research, the more you analyze the more confusing it gets ever more impossible, the defeat of any kinds of laws and logic and then you are finally free and can have fun.



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