Friday, December 21, 2012

Dominant Ideology is Killing the "Economy"

Dominant Ideology is Killing the "Economy"

The dominant ideology in Economics and Politics all rotates around a few basic ideas repeated over and over again in all ways:

1) Economies must be "Competitive":

What on earth does this mean, really ? Competition means essentially fights, conflicts, winners and losers so entire countries must fight other countries to grap a piece of the pie, wow what a nice formula for the economy, this will make us all better off, won't it. In all truth, competition does exactly the opposite, some superstar players, corporations, manufacturing centers (and guess what, mostly the same old ones that have been winning always in the last decades, Germany (always has been an economic power house), Apple and Silicon Valley, South Korea and Samsung anyone ?) grab ever bigger pieces of the pie and all the rest can go to hell, simple as this. Very few will really ever be able to compete against them and similar types no matter what, yeah some countries improve, some other older manufacturing centers decay, but mostly it is all a game of concentration of power, wealth and success in the hands of fewer and fewer, the top notch, the winners (the better connected ?) and so forth.

2) Economies must increase "Productivity":

Totally ass backwards idea, what on earth does this mean ? Do more with less people, less energy, less resources, again concentration of winning in fewer hands, the necessity to hire fewer people and so forth. Because increased Productivity means and can only mean fewer people at work, fewer people needed, optimized production methods, optimized engineering designs requiring less material (hence less other corporations, hence less other people no matter what) and so on. So this "Increased Productivity" will have the net effect of Increasing Unemployment, and I challenge anyone to serious show me how this is not true.

3) More "Education", "Research", "Innovation":

Totally ass backwards idea, what on earth does this mean ? Innovation and Research and so forth, if it is useful and valuable in anyway at all means the same thing as increased Productivity: Do more with less people, less energy, etc. But especially there is really very left to innovate and research anymore, science is over with, it has all been done and discovered, now it is optimization time, which means kill as many jobs as possible time and so forth.

4) More Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesss, Be you Own Boss, invent your job and such:

Another fairy tale that is chanted over and over again (the desire to believe in miracles and magic creating employment "for everyone" and such) believing that all these new fangled startups will hire millions of people, all new corporations that will grow and become like IBM, GM and Microsoft and such. How can anyone really believe such BS ? Where are all these new businesses and ideas and inventions that will hire millions ? To do exactly what then ? What one earth can so many people do in a start up anyways ? Most startups in technology and science and such really rely on only a handful of top notch talented people, maybe 10, 20 or 30 at most, the rest are not needed, and most technology has nothing at all to do with creating jobs or employment (and in fact it has much more to do with eliminating jobs and employment by the boatloads, all the Music Industry has been ditched thanks to MP3, there are no longer Music Stores, or High Fidelity or Stereos anymore, now it is all crappy MP3 in you crappy IPHONE and such, and this killed thousands of jobs worldwide).

There are many other words and concepts and ideologies that are repeated all over the world over and over again to brainwash everyone that this is the way to make "Economies become rich" and so forth. No one ever challenges all of this BS, along with the BS of "Hard Work" and such, we "Must Work Harder" when in a Technological Economy work disappears structurally, is not needed, needs more "Hard Work" like a hole in the head and such.

And then this idea that Economies Must Grow and such, must "Create More Wealth" and such: what exactly must be created ? More homes, more McMANSIONS, more empty cities in China, more cars ? We have loads of wealth already created and then wealth isn't created, economies are a process, wealth should be "distributed" (not created) from those that are stuffed with money to those that have less money, simple as that: Spain has created a huge amount of "Wealth" in the form of homes (what more tangible measure of wealth creation ?) but they have millions of empty new homes and people that can't afford them (and kill themselves when evicted) and unemployment and such: in a rational economy, Spain should be amongst the richest in the world since they have so many homes, a basic problem solved for all. Economies grow only when they go from being poor to middle class, this process is over and finished for the USA, EU and JAPAN and will soon end for Brazil and China.

The real solution is to dump this Economic Ideology and do the only thing that must be done: Give a Free Salary to all worldwide, and very cheap rents for homes to all worldwide and huge public private projects and such, governments should hire millions of people and give them a high salary to do Proudly and Bluntly and Boldly NOTHING AT ALL, to be IDLE, to FREE LOAD since the Technological Economy generates loads of free wealth enough for everyone, etc.

Will this ever happen ? No because people are turds, are envious of those that are getting a free lunch, don't want to give a free lunch to all, want to fight and compete, because Man wants conflict, otherwise he stagnates and such, and so forth, but the truth is this Technological Economy shows how deeply limited our economic ideology is.

Eurpe wants to fire the public employees because that is "waste" and such, everyone in punishment mode, all want to take away from all others, everyone wants to fire everyone and punish everyone, well this formula will kill off the economy no matter what, they should be hiring millions in Europe and the US to do nothing but give them a salary but they prefer to fire people, what turds.

Flanel Jesus, Now, go on tell me what is new in this post compared to the last 1,500, go on, scribble a one liner as a reply, now go on stick it in Mundane Babble, Rant House, or just erase it, go on.


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