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Boredom may be a cultural artifact; probably other cultures, ancient, primitive, whatever, those that are not under the thumb of the clock, don't even recognize boredom, it may be a totally alien feeling, or state of being for them. There is no concept of "Doing" or "Doing Something" or "Doing Nothing" and such as it is all related to the perception of the passage of time and such, and also related subtly to the Industrial Revolution (Work, Production, Manufacturing, Industry, Making Things, Doing Things, etc.), to something akin to the "Work Ethic" and such, or to something like "The Devil Loves Idle Hands", hence doing nothing is a sin or something like that.

A cat can do nothing all day long, is that a natural state ? Most animals do nothing 99 % of their lives, is that a natural state ? Yes, that is the natural state, even Apes and Man Like Animals do nothing and can do nothing 99 % of their lives, no problem, that is the natural state of affairs, there is nothing important to do for any life form, it is already completely achieved, it is a closed and finished product, its very existence is the final result, it just needs to follow a simple program of a few lines of code: find food and eat, crap, reproduce once in a blue moon if a mate is found, end of story.

We instead are in an unnatural state of being Tortured by a Mind, by a culture, by a form of consciousness that is "Time Aware", that must do, manipulate, by a constant unsatisfaction that will just generate ever more unsatisfaction by design, our mind is always thinking and doing, this is a totally unnatural and sick from of existence: we need to change how our mind works and is designed, or grow up in a completely different, very alien culture where all of these impulses are not present anymore...

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Postby nameta9 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:31 am
Kriswest wrote:Ok someone forgot to tell all 46 of our cats to do nothing along with all our dogs and goats. Where do you get quiet animals? I got rooked. :)
Actually I had an interesting talk with our vet about it. Most people we know do have animals as you describe and there is a reason. It is socialization or rather interspecies socialization. The amount of different breeds and species along with an abnormal amount of alpha human attention creates curiosity and more learning. All the animals answer to their names, goats dogs and cats play together and will sleep together they even eat side by side at times.
We have animals that get bored. If they get into a routine, then someting occurs in their behavior. Animal boredom becomes destructive often or they become ill. Our situation while uncommon is not unheard of.

SO Man has tought other animals how to get bored and become evil and such as in "The Devil Loves Idle Hands".

Animals in a "Natural State", (but no state is natural, all states are fake, a perversion, any state a Mind perceives becomes a perversion as soon as it becomes an entity within a consciousness...) not in the hugely artificial, fake, phony and perverted state of being just to be a monkey for man, an amusement for man, or making man feel so good since animals "don't have a will power that opposes mine (hence man doesn't really love animals but loves the power he has over animals and confuses this with the animals being nice and such), hence animals are better than man" and such stupid idiotic ideas people have. Animals, nay any lifeforms outside the "societies man creates for them" act in simple ways, don't have any concept of boredom, are free from being influenced by man's sick and tortured mind and logic and consciousness. Actually animals living like pets for Man acquire themselves consciousness and become Man Like but Man pretends that they are not so, in fact having animals is morally incorrect and such. I hate animals anyways, I hate any lifeforms and carbon chemistry anyways, Rocks and Dead Things are so much superior, to any life forms..

You are referring to a completely artifical state of affairs and in such a state animals become similar to man with all of his crappy problems, ideas, and such (people talking to animals and such, so idiotic).

Anyways animals and life and lifeforms are hugely overrated, doing nothing is always better than doing anything, we must learn to be 100 % idle, to be nothing at all, kill the clock, don't be "Time Aware", don't be under the thumb of the clock, don't be "Goal Aware" and "Target Aware", don't decompose existence into tasks, there are no task, there is no delimitation of existence from something or anything, free your mind instead...don't be alive...

And how dare you contradict me, I am always 100 % right, I am the Super God and win always no matter what: you suck.

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Re: What is boredom?

Postby nameta9 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:58 am
Wow, I must be bored a lot...

Re: What is boredom?

Postby dragon » Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:13 pm
Aum wrote:
On a potentially related note, why is it that doing absolutely nothing is all but intolerable? I do not mean indulging in activities most would consider 'doing nothing' - ie sitting and watching movies or television, or playing video games, or reading a book/magazine, or listening to music - these all constitute doing something. Indeed, do we not indulge in many such activities precisely to ward off boredom?

Bottom line: why do we get bored?

If you need to ward off boredom there is something wrong with you.

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