Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Theory !

A New Theory !

So Everything is Right, everything is the only truth, only one truth, you name it and say it and only that truth is the truth, the absolute truth against all other lies, so anything is right, is 100 % right, so anything is wrong 100 % wrong, there are no truths, everything is right, everything is wrong, everything is disjoint and disconnects and say the opposite of what you said before and confuse, destructure and keep on going, just puts randoms words together and that is the final truth the truth revealed like (expectations can conceive disjoint and disconnects measure up to what against all other ) and so on.

Simply get out of your comfort zone, accept anything as incredible as possible just for what it says and don't compare it to what you already know and expect, expect the incredible, the illogical, the ununderstandable, that that goes completely against any common sense, or logic, or anything you can conceive, accept the wildest, since all of our common sense and expectations are always based on what we are used to, what we already know, how things measure up to what we are, how we decode the world, how we are designed, the particular design of the Man Brain as a quirk, as an arbitrary quirk that measures all against himself as in Man is the measure of All Things, but the measurement is always based on a completely arbitrary random quirk of arrangements of items and elements, a completely random, chaotic arrangement of Matter that decided to become the Observer and measure all from its "Point of View", but has no generality, no value accept for the random value of pain/pleasure random circuits the random quirky process of Natural Evolution decided to give it has.

So there is another Universe where all things are getting denser all the time, all of the past history of the particles remain solid where they are and keep on adding up, so time keeps on adding up all of the items that appear in any point of space time, condense them, make them all stay where they were forever, so the density becomes rapidly infinite, and ever so and ever faster, etc. The total universe having all of its past frozen in all of its points and all of the present events condensing and freezing for every moment in time, every electron that circles an atom solidifies around the atom and the matter around the atom becomes denser and denser, as each circle the electron goes through adds up to the solidification since it remains in every point it crosses forever, time is constantly being frozen and matter in its point and adding up the next event and solidifying the event and matter making it become infinitely denser and denser, etc.

So this is now another kind of Universe, very interesting, where everything is remembered forever and everything is recorded forever (and remains in all of the places it has been from the beginning of time, etc.) and it becomes infinitely denser, etc.

And you can invent other wild relationships and make the matter disappear and appear again, and condense it all in one point in space, or all in one moment and one point, or anything else, etc

All Examples of Free Physics, the Final Truth, the Truth revealed.

Economy is in essence only a fight between people, a conflict over resources (that are seldom and rarely limited or scarce, only Man's Subjectivity and desire to win and take away from another Man makes them "appear scarce"), actually economy can be described as the constant redistribution of resources from the poor or weaker members of society to the stronger members, just like a property owner takes away so much money from people needing to rent the property, as the redistribution of money from the weak to the strong is what the economy is essentially with the roles sometimes changing, with someone getting a lucky break or "risk taking" by buying property himself and becoming what he was from renting to owning and then getting a rent from other weaker people, etc.

So simply a fight, a redistribution, a tug of war, nothing deeper, nothing "Structurally Objective" about it, it is just a random play of forces, a play of forces of weak against strong, the strong almost always winning (but sometimes not, etc.) nothing Scientific or Objective about the economy, it is just a play of random forces fighting each other if in ever more subtle and indirect ways, always trying to mask and hide the fight behind big words and concepts and fake objective limitations and so on (but the limitations are real, and namely the limitations other people oppose to other people, it is always other people that are the limiting factor, but since they are all arbitrary and worthless turds worth a BIG FAT ZERO, then there are no real limitations only the limitations of other Will Powers pretending to be "Objective", etc.).

SO we need Free Salaries and Cheap Rents to overcome all of this. AMEN.


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