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Information is the Problem



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Postby nameta9 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:16 pm
Kriswest wrote:Take away all news media for one month even online cut off major communications.
Interesting project, , no/ yes?

Information is the Problem

Information creates the problem and problems by its very existence, by being implanted in your head you are forced to find solutions, or to think in terms of solutions, starting points and targets, targets failed, solutions not achieved, problems not solved and so forth, this aggravates you, this creates a feeling of failure since you can't solve the problems and there are trillions of problems just as much as there is information, the "oil is running out" (is it even true ?), the "global warming" (true /false?) and all of the debates, fights amongst people, all of the work and effort your mind must perform to figure out the problems, to debate, like so many lawyers, everyone protecting their position, their point of view, the point of view becomes more important than what it is worth and then yourself (all points of views are meaningless and worthless in the long run), people embrace their ideology and the way they want to solve the "problems", so many, "education is a failure" (what on earth does that even mean ? compared to what ? education "to do what" or for "who" or to go where ? totally illogical!) and unemployment is too high and so forth, a never ending stream, the muslims, the wars, the crap that happens 20 thousand miles away (but who gives 2 c*cks and a d*ck! it doesn't affect me, or even if it does, I can't do anything about anything at all anyways), not only are the problems intractable, but the solutions are also, and the power mechanisms and political mechanisms necessary to achieve the solutions (by new laws ? by what ?) are also intractable, impossible to follow, get all lost in a foggy haze and so forth and so on.

And information already creates the work for you in your mind as it is compared, debated already internally, compared, figured out, logically connected to other things (even if unconsciously) and so on, and you get another problem you are forced to think about, and all information, all news, all new items and events and situations create a never ending stream of hard and impossible problems to think about, to constantly fail to solve, and even the personal ones, especially the personal ones, the boss got mad at work, the son misbehaved (or the son can't find a job and so forth), an infinite array of problems, thoughts, impossible to solve, all intractable, all a failure, we are always just a failure waiting to occur, since even if you solved all the problems you ever had for you and everyone for 50 years, there will come that day that just that one bit information, that one small problem will cancel 50 years of success, a flat tire on a country road and you are lost forever and such.

And information is the problem and more information is the solution and no information is the problem and no information is the solution and you try out all the combinations.

We live in an Excess Capacity Economic System, too many people have way too much time on their hands to generate and talk about information and problems worldwide, the Technological Economy has created a huge amount of Free Wealth for all simply through Technology and Networks (Electricity and Transportation and Energy networks especially, more so than the Information networks) so we are left simply to fight each other: Imagine what could be performed and created if all of those millions of idle people where to be really used and employed in manufacturing, in home building, in building cars and all of the basic needs: in ONE YEAR you could create enough homes, cars, roads whatever for 10 billion people once and for all and you wouldn't even have to work at all for decades in the future: imagine if we could really apply all the technology we have really in an optimized manner, we could solve almost all of our problems once and for all in just one year.

But millions worldwide are used in offices to create a never ending stream of artificial problems that are created and solved, everyone creating complexity for everyone else, just to then solve the complexity and so forth, like what happened in Software: we had all of the best possible programming languages available in software (before the Object oriented Craze that was used to create fake problems, create complexity and let thousands of people waste a huge amount of effort and time towards solving problems that were solved long ago and that could easily be solved in well written structured programs in Pascal or Basic (modern versions would be Perl and Awk) or such) but it would have been too easy to solve all of the software problems 20 years ago, too many idle people and too few programmers would be needed, so they had to create complexity and a mess to allow other thousands of new programmers "work", since the myth was that there would be all of this "new work available in software", when the very nature of software and goal of software is to eliminate as much work as possible, and that is what it is doing anyways, no matter how many impediments (always political, power struggle interdictions, office politics interdictions, changing standards, contrasting products, non standard products created on purpose to create work, ever more fake work for fake problems created with the intention of holding back technology more than anything else) and roadblocks are put in its way.

But the economic system is so productive that it must create interdictions, impediments, it must choke the potential productivity it could achieve, since that productivity would destroy structurally all inequality, all of the excuses for inequality, it would destroy the entire concept of work and labor, etc. it would put the Man Brain in a completely new psychological situation where all of the old rules are worthless, it would be a communism achieved without any revolution or communism but by shear inertia of the Technological Economy really expressing itself. We are left with very little real work that could achieve wealth for all (building cars, skyscrapers, homes, jet planes and so forth) and left to play with blogs and facebook and IPHONES, a method to repress the huge productive capacity of our modern Technological Economy: let them talk forever and generate a never ending stream of information across the internet they will be occupied and happy.

And you get the Resource Scarcity Myth and Tree Hugger Thugs, Environmentalist Thughs inventing all kinds of problems and excuses to not do anything, to not build anything, to not build all of the High Speed Trains in California and across the USA, to not build trillions of skyscrapers all across the USA, and rockets to mars and trillions of Nuclear Energy Plants and so forth and so on.

But we need the fight to give meaning to money and to work, we need to force others to do what others want, the status, the power struggles, etc.

And all of this talk of Worldwide Economic Growth is going to crash: how can China keep on building homes when no one there can afford them, and no one can buy the furniture needed to furnish them (also applies to a lot of USA, EU and JAPAN today)? they think they can export their way out, and they think they can keep on selling 10 million cars a year when they are not designed like the USA, the USA is the only country that can really achieve a high level of Consumerism and growth because there is Room, large homes, two car garages, large roads, places to put the cars, the malls, the homes for all of your crap and so forth, no other country has this, the Chinese must create huge suburbs with huge houses that cost very little, huge roads all over the place and cars and then finally they can keep on growing, etc. (not even to mention puny Europe and South America, they would have to tear down all of those puny environments they have and start all over again with huge American Styles suburbs to start really growing, etc. instead they want to ride bicycles, what c*cks, they are going backwards instead of forward, what fairies, etc.).


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