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Why Change anyways ? Change for the better, or a subset of entities of Matter compares itself to another different subset and finds or assigns itself as "better" or some Observer perceives it as "better", but "better" is already defined from the outset by the structure of the Observer and by the signals it receives and how it will evaluate them. But all things have a Will Power that wants to change for something better, but all changes are simply killing the previous configuration associated to some abstract Will Power somewhere (just assign it) everything is fighting a war with itself for changes, to change, when no change is any better, they are all wrong and worse and all the same, and it all cancels out, etc. and what subset of matter is associated to what will power and what idea, and how long does the entity being compared to another entity that is different and changed does it last ? how much does the set of events and entities and observations considered a reference point from which to measure all other changes extend in Space and Time ? and each change is killing the other change to achieve the better, but nothing is better so it all cancels out.

As all change is an internal fight between subsets of entities between themselves, but they always change so they all lose anyways, an internal fight of matter with itself (or denotated will powers belonging to some other items, to a pebble on Mars and the other change is associated to the will power and desires of a small ocean wave in the Pacific Ocean, etc.), trying to impose the new configuration as the better one, but it is only a memory erase and memory write operation upon a set of information items, no matter how extended in space and time and how many items compose it etc.

And combine the oddest items as anything, as one person, as one story, as one experience as one anything and compare that to another set of items combined as a different person, and judge who is better, and let them fight, so for example a car engine and a pebble is person one and a house and a mountain is person two and they are judging each other reciprocally according to what they think is "better", but there is no better since they are arbitrary quirks, and so on, and extend chunks and bits of logic to the most disjoint concepts and items and entities, and make up the greatest possible nonsense, and slowly demolish all logic and thought and so on.

Not Reductionism but Explosionism, find as many different items as possible, the most different possible and combine them and assign them as all having any arbitrary "common denominator" and create a new Physics and New "Explanations" for it all, we need to find the most "Uncommon Denominator" to all entities, be as wrong and as illogical as possible and create a New Physics like that (not like what has been done up to now, finding the elementary particles that are common to all, like Atoms or Electrons, and finding the Repetitive Patterns of how Change Behaves, but the exact opposite, assign the most wrong and weirdest things as Elementary particles and FORCE all items to abide and discover the laws of Static and Not Change, and the most Non Repetitive Patterns as possible, nay, FORCE anything you want as the truth, make believe that a Non Repetitive Pattern is a Repetitive Pattern and the opposite, and so on just for the fun of it, just for kicks, tease all logic). Like since the color of a pebble on Mars is blue and the car on the corner is blue they have a new common denominator, they are connected magically by some new physics and laws, or since the number 786 is a measurement of some temperature somewhere and it is also the distance between two given electrons inside the Sun, they are connected by a fundamental new Law of Physics, they have a deep connection, the number 786 becomes a new fundamental law of physics just like electromagnetism or gravity, etc. Use random insignificant things as the basis for all, tease the entire program of Science and Logic and Reductionism, we need Explosionism, etc.

It all cancels out, For everything that is false, the Opposite of that anything is also False, Everything is False, no matter what, because TRUTH NEVER EXISTED. For anything said, any change performed anything at all, the opposite (but even any other relationship, not necessarily the opposite), or any other things is also true and valid and correct, for anything the opposite is what that anything really means, for any truth the contrary of that truth is also true, make it all cancel out, demolish it all from the inside by making it logically incoherent, for anything logical, the opposite of that is also logical, keep on contradicting yourself, let Matter contradict itself in all possible manners, demolish logic, throw it down from its throne (but at the same time or a different time or anything confirm it) (and anyways, it is done all the time in the "Science" of economics and in all things Religious and Moral, so we already know how to be illogical and completely wrong pretending to be right and to be saying truths, etc.).

But we must use a rigid Doctrine, just One Bit, as the only truth and kill all other truths, etc. A is KU is the only truth, that is the Absolute Rigid Document for all, now fight wars and kill each other over that.

Ev{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~ IER{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~5 88{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}W~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{=£$$}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}%~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂xz⌂}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}&/ (~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~()()= {}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~{}~

Wow, who knows what that new Brain design is doing ! Who knows what new experiences and what new Universe that Observer is associated to ! (or you can define that sequence of symbols above as anything you want, as a story, as a signal to an eye form of sense organ on some new Mental Contraption, as anything at all, as a Brain system, as a new Observer, whatever)........

And write another 500 trillion pages of stuff like this, ever more, ever whackier, the crazier the better...

All of the above is a huge waste of time, is all wrong, please ignore this post...


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