Monday, September 24, 2012

I Was Kidding

I Was Kidding

There is no solution to anything, to any problem, to any situation to any whatever because like a lawyer, any idea, position, any choice, any political program or party or whatever can always be demonstrated as correct (even absolutely correct and right and the only possible solution) by creating all kinds of justifications, reasons, logical connections, "studies demonstrating", "new data shows", "past experiences showing that this is the way to go", "scientific research showing" (this is the environmentalists favorite to justify protecting nature the new religion when we should be conquering and building like crazy and building Nuclear Energy plants and such, and the science is just a mask disguising the background fight between arbitrary positions and choices (all wrong and all right, all turdy and all fantastic), between contrasting will powers and nothing else, end of story) and so on and so forth, and you name it, you invent it, anything can be shown to be correct, by creating ever longer and more complex and more connections to justify anything and so on, just like a lawyer protects and can protect even the worse of criminals, can "demonstrate" that he is innocent no matter what, can always find some kind of reasoning, some kinds of demonstrations, some kinds of long and complex and convincing arguments to protect and justify any possible position, so it is with all of the debates, the never ending debates, the never ending yes and no, back and forth, this against this, and this demonstrates this and the contrary demonstrates the contrary and on and on forever.

Like when you have an opinion, a position and then after creating all possible reasonings and justifications for that position (like nature must be Protected) after many years, you just dump it, and cancel it and say, no that was all wrong, Nature must be used to create wealth and jobs, so then it is like you say, well I was kidding, in a moment all of the past efforts and debates and reasonings are thrown out of the window, you now have a new position who cares and in fact the ease with which any position can be overthrown demonstrates how useless and false and irrelevant any position can be in light of logical reasonings that can always be found, no matter what, any logical reasonings can be found to justify anything, no matter what, like logic is the algorithm that can be applied to anything, we apply it constantly to anything (but it is really a pseudo-logic hiding what we really are doing and namely expressing arbitrary values and judgments always and executing our free will against another turd expressing an opposing arbitrary value and judgment and free will and choice, always a choice against another possible choice, always A against B that then really becomes person A against person B, free will A against free will B, the fight, the contrast, the win or lose game and nothing else), like a baby learning to play but simply executes algorithms over everything (as the man brain is a computer that needs a program and tries to find repetitions to execute any program) you can always change position, idea, change your mind, embrace the opposite position, embrace what you were always against, it doesn't matter, say "I Was Kidding", as we are always kidding no matter what.

Reasoning expands and language and debates expand to cover all and all against all in a never ending debate about everything but never going anywhere.

But then all of the debates about the economy are simply debates over numbers, statistics, all measurements and numbers showing if we are going forward or backward, GDP, Growth, Unemployment, numbers and statistics that are putting in a bag all of the same things and then talking about how to make the numbers change for the better when all of those numbers are based on thousands of individuals, disjoint events and free wills and person and things and so on, it is really a queer way of seeing the world, this obsession with statistics, measurements and numbers that describe the value, the state of a society, that paint one single picture, a paintbrush that covers all things in one color and pretends that they are all connected when they are all disconnected.


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