Friday, September 14, 2012

No Solution

No Solution

I like how all these debates can go on forever, all the debates about the Economic Crisis, Peak Oil, whatever, etc. Isn't it clear that there are no solutions to any of these problems structurally anymore ? (or we can assign all problems as solved and simply make them disappear by not thinking about them anymore, erase them all from our minds, etc.) Mostly because we keep on using our logical mind, our one track mind, our logic and thought to try to make contrasting will powers all agree on the same thing, to be on the same page, etc. when all these different minds and ideas exist only to contrast each other, man is fight and conflict and contrast and will be forever, so you can keep on debating and "trying to improve", and "thinking it out", "figuring it out", "researching it" forever but never get anywhere. The great Leap Forward of the 20th century was due to vastly improving technology, consumerism, everyone getting rich ( in a small part of the world, USA, EU and JAPAN) and constant improvements all during a few decades, lending people to worship "Logic, Thought, Research, Science", the "Positivistic Attitude" we will solve problems by "Applying Logic", etc. and thinking that this could go on forever, was a natural state of affairs: well it was an exception, a one time quirk, a lucky break, now the constant application of logic and thoughts and debates on the "problems" (what are problems anyways ? and problems for who ? and who decides what targets to reach from what starting points ? etc.) we have will never go anywhere anymore, we are stuck forever unless we splash open our Brains and change all of the circuits inside of it, crash open our skulls and throw all kinds of wicked and groovy things inside of it, break open minds and put trash and TV sets and Car Engines inside of it to make it think better and advance to a higher state of being.

And also because all of these contrasting will powers are from independent entities all having a different agenda, a different interest, all fighting anyways or subtly (I win you lose, etc.). So maybe the only solution is to program the brains of all people exactly the same so they are all on the same page and all agree (maybe in a Science Fiction scenario in the future if you can brainwash everyone to think and be exactly the same eliminating all possible contrast from the outset).

Or my solution, eliminate the free will gadgets in Minds and Brains and let a computer program the minds of all people.

But mostly, there are no solutions because the problems are not logical, have no logical basis, the social and economic problems are all based on random, non deterministic chaotic forces backed by people doing all kinds of things and so there can never be any possible solution, if maybe only temporarily for a few years (from the 1950s to the late 2000s ?) until the turbulence and chaos starts all over again.

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