Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Unmasked

Time Unmasked

Everything you see and all items and entities in the Universe are simply Memory Locations, is simply information that is constantly being assigned and erased, each pebble on Mars is a memory location that is being written to or erased as things and events occur and happen: as if all points in space really only have a local time, only really associated to the last time their memory location was accessed (reading information) was written to (erasing the previous information) and the dead time between the two events, the interval where nothing happens simply doesn't exist, is not really part of time at all, is not part of an abstract, metaphysical global time: as if each point in space has a clock that ticks only when something happens to that point, only when the memory location associated to that point is written to erasing the past information that was there : time is only a very chaotic and nonlinear frequency associated to each point in space, with long relative periods of "time" completely still, not doing anything, although other points in space are having their memory location erased and written to with new information, and you could see that all the points in space that are being written to at the same time are all connected by existing at the same point in time, all of those separate space areas, all disjoint, are connected to each other only by being simultaneously written to, but the next instant, all other different points in space are connected and so on and you can devise a lot of funny relationships between points in space that only have a local time clock associated to them. Einstein got it all wrong, there is no external time, (or space for that matter) there is no extension of anything outside of point like events, point like instantaneous Information relationships, only points of memory locations that randomly and occasionally are written to erasing the past information that was at that point, but since the past information can be written again to the same point for no reason at all, this demonstrates that time doesn't exist at all, all things are only a static configuration that will be changed once again for no reason at all, the metaphysical properties of Time and Space, imagined as real things that extend beyond their simple mathematical relationship is finally exposed as being a fraud and a hoax, Time and Space are not reference systems, they are not Absolutes, they are not in essence GOD, as that is what the idea of metaphysical entities only really always implies.

So within the reference of Extreme Determinism, where everything is exactly predictable and can be written down by a simple mathematical formula, you would need to erase some memory locations (a part of space) to write down the formula itself hence the formula for extreme determinism itself interacts with itself by occupying a memory location that it itself would have to predict: but even the possibility to verify if the formula of extreme determinism is correct would mean that you would have to compare the entire Universe and all of its points and history with the model that the Extreme Determinism Formula generates and see if it exactly matches. But this would imply writing down all the points and history in space by erasing other points and memory locations of space that are needed to put the model of extreme determinism, the output of the formula in some place (not to mention the Observer and the process of comparison that would also need to occupy Space and Time). But if the universe is infinite you could write it down next to the universe, but the extreme determinism would also have to predict when and how you write down the resulting output of the formula to which to compare the entire universe, so you would need yet another very large space for that second level prediction to be placed, but this goes on forever, as in an infinite recursion, so extreme determinism, in order to be verified, would mean the universe must be infinite in space, or maybe all of the formulas and outputs and comparisons could be made outside of the universe, hence that would mean that something outside of the universe must exist in order to verify the Extreme Determinism Formula.

In essence every new information erases an old information constantly, but sometimes the old information can be written back, so we only have ever changing configuration of bits with no real time direction, no real Arrow of Time, only memory locations that must erase an old bit to write a new one, etc.


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