Friday, September 21, 2012

More Free Physics...

Everything is a Mind, an Observer watching, but different kinds of Minds, wild and wicked Minds, and Observers, and everything has an associated Will Power and desire to Change and Modify according to His Desires (Not GOD's which is the Master Model for most of the Man Brain's BS) but you can mix Will Powers and Minds, and Designs and create Hybrids and Mixtures between Sense Organs and chunks of Mental Circuits and how they appear from Outside (not in the form of a Person but in the form of a Car Tire for example) but then changes again, and instead of the signals following the circuits of a Mind, it is Car Tires that are following the Signals and the signals may be Static Monolithic Chunks of Matter and the Mind may be an Ocean or the other way around and all mixed up and upside down and on and on.

The Car Tire is the Emotion, the rubber molecule number 143556 in point Z of the Car Tire is the entire "Person" (whatever that can mean, you invent it!), so even big and small and what is contained in what is confused, mixed up, change it all, decompose all, destructure all structures and mix them up and create new structures that then define a new Universe and corresponding Observer (or even not corresponding, and even there, all mixed, all confused, experiment to the maximum and so on).

Free Physics, like Free Jazz, crazy music, the more incomprehensible the better, the more pure noise the better and then every now and then some nice Progressive Rock chunks appear and so must be the Physics of the Future, the new way to decode the world, be crazy, do it man, do it, GO MAN GO !!!

But why change and do anything ? why is the new thing better than the old thing or the different thing better (as any set of things can be put on a line and set as the "old" or "worst" thing and the "new" or "better" thing or set as the starting point and target point expressing the direction of going to better, or expressing the direction a Will Power or Mind wanted it go (so all things have Minds and Will Powers associated to them, even a static crack on the wall is a mind and desire and direction saying it wants to keep on staying still, so then even Blind forces are pushing things to become "better" and are "judging" better and worst according to that One Bit Circuit, that One Transistor Circuit of Good and Bad, Better and Worse, Forward and backward and so on ?)) than anything else ? what is being compared to what if you can combine the entire set of entities into one thing (even the past history and future history, a slice of Time and Space as one entity along with all of the signals and subsets of delimitations arbitrarily defined by Matter, Events and Signals simply creating a Long Bit Set of Informational relationships)...but then create all kinds of new combinations of delimitations, delimit all in the most wildest ways, invent new entities based on new boundaries and new delimitations and relate them to other new entities and delimitations in the most wild and complex way, and go on forever, and create new brains based on this, and then new circuits in the new brains and then mix it all up and mix the sense organs and memories with rocks and car tires and ocean waves and chunks of the solar plasma (the 200 kilometer square solar plasma half way from the surface of the Sun to the center of the Sun) and so on...


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