Friday, September 21, 2012

Fundamentals of Free Physics

Fundamentals of Free Physics

A method can be to assign equivalencies between different items, by assigning them you force all of the other items and delimitations of the Universe to be something else, mathematically so to speak, logically so to speak, even though a very abstract and advanced logic is being used, a logic that has finally done away with the Identity Principle and the Principle of Non Contradiction, now it is all allowed. So you can say that a Car Tire is an Emotion, and a Pebble is a Star and a Steering Wheel is a Transistor (or be even more specific, that steering wheel A is that transistor B, etc.). So now what is the Mountain equivalent to correspondingly ? And what is the Electron going through the Transistor going to be ? and you can even assign another item as the Electron going through the transistor to create more constraints, more hinges, so the Electron may be a tin can, that is they are 100 % equal, totally, not only symbolically, but physically, materially, really really the same, equal, etc. And by adding more constraints you force all of the other items in the Universe to be equal to something else, mathematically, by using some kind of abstract mathematics, etc. And you can even assign more than one equivalency, a set of equivalencies like a Star is a Car is a Town is a Pebble, and the combinations and set size can be ever large, since then all of the other trillions of delimitations are forced to be something else and also equal to other things and so forth. And you can imagine the equivalencies changing in time and getting all mixed up and all kinds of funny new relationships and so on, and disconnecting some equivalencies and contradicting your own system so the pebble is not the car, but is the car, but is the star but is not the mountain, but is composed of the tar but is contained in the electron, and so on, and so on, be inventive, be wild.

A Radio has an Engine inside that is making it work, an Engine with Gasoline, not Transistors and a Computer is a TV set, and so forth, and then the equivalencies can have different degrees of being the same from 100 % the same to only partially the same to only slightly the same and assign a number from 1 to a trillion that describes how EQUAL they are, with 1 being the least equal, 100 being 100 % equal and larger numbers meaning that the items are even more than equal and so forth.

Free Physics is so much more superior to old fashion Physics, and he who does Free Physics and invents Free Physics is so much more superior to all other Men, is the GOD of all, is the most superior to all...

I am so superior to all, I am so much better to all, I am worth infinitely more than all of the Human Race, I am worth much more than GOD...
I am way too advanced for this civilization, I am so much more advanced than all of you puny logically fairies, I am so advanced you can't believe it...


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