Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Laws of Change


The Laws of Change

Exactly what laws would exist without Change ? Aren't all laws referenced to the paths of change, to repetitive patterns that emerge when any kind of change appears ? But we want the laws of Static, we want the laws of things that rarely change, the pebble on the Moon has been still for many years, just like a crack on the wall has been still for many years, hence the last clock tick of their local clock occurred many years ago, nothing is happening in those 2 points, so time doesn't exist in those 2 points, the laws of physics are exactly suspended for those 2 points because there are no Laws of Change being expressed, the points are not abiding to the constraints of any Laws of Change, as any law is always a Law of Change, a Law of Interaction, of Events, and how we organize and decode the Events in our Mind, or the Mind of an Observer that measures the Change according to his own changes, to his own internal frequencies, to his own reference system of repetitive patterns (heart beat, and millions of protein foldings and chemical reactions in cells and millions of electrical signals in the brain, etc.) that are defining all other repetitive patterns it perceives and decodes from the signals it receives from "Outside", form Independent Entities, as the independence of the Entities guarantee that they are Different from us, will surprise us, will do things we cannot know, will do things over which we have no control over.

The laws of static as everything that is still is still because trillions of invisible forces are all pulling the things in different directions but as a total result keeping it perfectly still. So you can invent trillions of new forces and new Laws of Physics that produce No Change, Static, as in Free Physics, and let your imagination go wild, and HAVE FUN, since it doesn't have to be "proved", it doesn't have to go through the dictatorship of Reality and "Experimental Evidence" and Logic and "Being True" and all other such puny BS, I want to be free, I want to do whatever I want, I want total freedom to create any truth and impose it on reality!

Clock ticks are a frequency, hence an energy, hence time creates energy, actually the more change, the faster the change, any change, the more energy is being expressed, is being created, is being produced, there is no conservation of energy, but the constant production of new energy in the form of frequencies, of clock ticks, all of the electrons and protons in the center of stars are interacting, changing position, how many clock ticks correspond to all of those changes, what is the minimum time interval that must be achieved to find all of the particles still, if only for one moment ? there is no limit to how high a frequency can get and conversely there is no limit to how small a time interval can be, the abstract nature of time is exactly this, it is not bound by limits, but time is exactly like a number, can be as small and as large as you want. Maybe to find all particles exactly still in the universe the smallest time interval would have to be 10^-10000 picoseconds, but there is a time interval where everything is perfectly still, is not moving, nothing has enough time to move (Absolute ZERO Temperature ?).

Use some "Serial Logic" will you XXX5, you say the philosopher doesn't "contribute" to social problems or technical solutions, etc. ? And why should he have anything to do with such Low Level, Puny crap ? Why should he give a crap about all of those idiotic things ? the philosopher is way passed all of this, is vastly superior to all of this as he is vastly superior to all other men, as he is the OverMan, the SuperMan, the GOD of all and the GOD of himself. There are already so many scientists and politicians and engineers applying their "Logic", their Serial Logic to those puny, petty, fairy problems, the philosopher must apply his Mind to the greatest problems of all, namely, No Problem at all, must only HAVE FUN, doesn't have any Responsibility towards anything, not even himself, is vastly free, forever free, AND WINS ALL THE TIME STRUCTURALLY, BY DEFINITION. Now be envious, on me, since I always win and will win forever, at most you can try to imitate me.

And this myth of Nature Loving, of alternative social systems to capitalism and such is just an attempt at installing a new Theocracy, a new Subjective system, the most Objective and ultimately least violent system of interactions between people is exactly pure Capitalism (although subjectivity is always operating, but in a very indirect and detached mode, everyone buying IPHONES is a subjective choice, but detached, you can choose, etc.), the Industry and Machine and Profits all speak by themselves and force everyone to abide to Objective numbers, whereas all these hippies trying to impose their "Alternative" "Green" lifestyles, "being good to each other", these "social values", these "communities" for the "common good" (who give 2 c*cks and a d*ck! I want mine, I am a total egotist, I can care less of everyone else, they are all a constraint, a limit on my freedom always, other people suck hugely and so does all of this community, social values, environmental protection, tree hugging crap and such BS!) want to introduce Subjectivity and a new Religion on everyone with the result that everyone will become dirt poor exactly like in those countries that don't have wild consumerism, technology, capitalism, cars and highways and malls and such, because they want to protect nature (puny Denmark with their crappy Bikes come in Mind, what total idiots, a recipe for poverty, we need industry, large scale structures, trillions of cars, highways, we must dominate nature to its utmost, etc.), without consumerism and industry and all such things the alternative is poverty, is nothing, is third world living conditions, there is no alternative to the only economic system that ever created some mass distribution of wealth, namely the American Economic System, the only model, especially the model as it was applied from 1950 to the 1990s until the Greens and Old Nature Loving thugs decided to stop wild development and production and all other things.

So don't believe the Resource Scarcity Myths, the Environmentalists, they are bringing the world towards Mass Poverty, they want to go backwards when we must go forward to the future, Rockets, Malls, Highways, High Speed Trains, Jets, Skyscrapers, ever more consumerism, etc.


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