Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free Theories



"It's like the philosophical bullshit that Tegmark posts all the time. Guys like Ken Wilber will be forgotten two years after their deaths because they are just mental masturbators who imbue their cant with a spiritual edge. "

Philosophical BS (and "Name Dropping") dedicated to XXX5

It's as if Logic itself was the Ultimate Reference System, the Ultimate Absolute, the Principle of Non Contradiction and Identity are the Absolute Reference System from which all else can be serialized, all further logical paths can be followed: but there, I said it, I will contradict myself on purpose and deny identity on purpose and follow logical paths anyways, who cares, A is B and A is not B at the same time, and connect anything to anything following any absurd logical path I want.

As any Theoretical Physics does, in the long run, in infinite time, a mind investigating all possible relationships and theories in physics will end up finding a theory, a connection between anything, any sequence of symbols will end up being a theory, that is actually valid and true (gravity comes from pebble 4,567 on Mars, etc., and the electron is a Number on point Z on the Sun, and the Concept of Number as such is based on a cloud that passed on earth), that can perfectly match all experimental values. It is a long stretch, but all possible theories of physics are all simultaneously true since the connections are made in the mind itself that can connect anything to anything and justify anything to anything, etc.

But either all possible logical models are and will always be true, since in essence the mind performing the theory is just a Subset of Matter decoding another subset of Matter, hence Matter simply talking to itself, with no other external reference and constraint possible since that would imply that there is something outside of Matter, outside of the Universe forcing it to abide to rules or not all possible theories can be true, hence there is something outside of the universe constraining it. But anything can be outside of the universe, anything can be invented outside of the universe to constrain any theory and any possible invention and developments of explanations in any possible way, hence if anything goes, it is all true and false and irrelevant anyways.

But the closest thing we can conceive as being an Absolute, almost external constraint are the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction, hence these principles must be outside of the universe, must be in some kind of platonic other place, other area, someplace else, whatever on earth this place is, or probably more truthfully, logic itself is simply a way of matter interacting with itself and only appearing when a logic based Observer decodes all of the events and signals it perceives and invents and interacts with in a logical schematic of reality and matter since that is the only schematic and circuits it has of reality.

So Free Physics is totally justified, invent the most incredible ideas and theories, make them the most insane, the most insanely complicated or simply mathematically simple or whatever (no matter what, given enough logic and computers that can analyze any theory, it will find the mathematical and logical justification, but obviously within an ever increasing abstract and complex framework, and it will need an ever increasing amount of time etc.).

But Break Logic once and for all and you exit this Universe and enter another, so break it before it can be theoretically justified in the year 5 billion 2020...

Philosophy is that thing that with or without doesn't affect or change anything: Exactly ! it must be totally subjective, totally unjustified, totally wrong, a total waste of time, it must have absolutely no possible "Social Value", it must have no possibility to be communicated, the more it is transparent and invisible, the better, the more abstract the better, the more totally confusing and totally void of any value the better, it must be despised by the Man Brain and by the Man Type of Observer (that thinks that he is some kind of Absolute Reference, when he is a quirk of a reference system probably the simplest turdy reference system Matter can Express, as Matter can express untold trillions of more complex elaborate, incredible reference systems and Informational Relationships within itself as it is always just Matter talking to itself, nay, An entity (always totally abstract, therefore Non Existent and False and I hope you can't understand any of this in the slightest) that is talking to itself, relating to itself in untold ways etc.).

Philosophy has nothing to do with anything social or communication, the least of all with morality.

For anything said or any sentence or any idea, the exact opposite and the exact contradiction of that idea or sentence is always true...For anything, the opposite of that anything is also true...


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