Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All Circuits are Saturated

All Circuits are Saturated

Puny Europe, JAPAN, South Korea, Brazil, China, India etc have a situation where all of their circuits are saturated, expired, they don't have room, they don't have enough parking space, highways, wide roads, they don't have enough McMansions, large homes, they live in tight houses, costly, they don't have two car garages, huge malls where to buy all the crap they should be buying and then huge homes to put it in all etc. South Korea has small apartments, not enough room to put all the stuff they should buy, they can't have 2 cars, China even worse, in China they are limiting the amount of cars, too many traffic jams, to many crowds, tight spaces, crowds, too many lines for anything and so forth, so without huge spaces and rooms all circuits become saturated, growth is impossible, like in Southern Europe, not enough room, prices of small homes too high and so forth, traffic jams, lines and so forth.

But in order to really make economies grow you must provide room to grow, large areas, highways, parking, cheap and large homes and so forth, and a lot of high paying jobs (but since work is no longer needed, just give the money out for free and hire them in fake jobs, what they do doesn't matter at all, only the consumption circuit really counts, all of the rest is due to an old fashion, resource scarcity era, when you had to work to live, something that no longer applies to a technological economy and especially, the myth of work serves only to sustain inequality, to create a scale of who is better and who must hog up more compared to who else and all such BS, but this is all old fashion stone age crap that we must overcome, albeit the masses wouldn't understand it, they think they have to fight and deserve it, they think there labor really means anything and such), huge consumption and such, consumption is what makes economies grow, so you must build skyscrapers that have very large 3 floor homes inside of them for example, and cheap and so that everyone can buy them or rent them, and many suburbs with large homes, large malls, and all such stuff.

The model of worldwide economic growth can only be the USA model, there is no other possible model no matter what, so that is what they should do in India and China, instead they think that by building puny high priced apartments their economy will grow, it doesn't work like that, you must create an environment exactly the same as that of the USA, even more so, even larger homes, more highways and malls, more of everything, huge consumption and production, people should have 10 cars, 10 houses, ever more room, and consumption and all such stuff (and hose Nature in the process, Nature is ours to use, it is not a New Religion).

Will it ever happen ? No, so don't expect the Worldwide Economy to grow much anymore, all circuits will saturate really fast and most of the world will end up like Greece and Spain...(but they both still have a hugely higher standard of living compared to most of the world anyways).


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