Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spark Growth !!!



"The construction of this massive system, surely the largest of its type in the world and in all of history, facilitated the suburban boom during the 1950's and beyond. Thus those in more dense areas were able to buy up houses on the cheap in the burbs for a fraction of what they would cost in an urban area, if available there at all. But the not so hidden cost was this behemoth of a road system that is difficult to maintain. Once you start to factor in the rising cost of oil and, basically, all the raw materials that go into maintaining it, the interstate highway system starts to look less tenable in the future.

Europe and Asian, at least certain places there, will not suffer as much from this problem, because they have rail systems, which though difficult to run at a profit, are a good fallback should car-based transportation start to founder."

This is exactly what makes America so much richer than the rest of the world, their standard of living and consumerism level is and will always be light years ahead of even the (make believe and puny) richest of the other countries worldwide like Sweden or Germany or JAPAN, etc: they don't have big homes and big wide roads and Malls and big stores and all kinds of consumerism like the USA has, that is why they grow so little, they will never contribute to worldwide Economic Growth, only those poor countries that then become middle class are now contributing to worldwide growth.

And the entire concept of Economic Growth was invented in America and really only applies to the American Economy and the American Model of growth is the only kind of growth that is possible: otherwise a country remains third world like India and Africa.

But we must exactly keep growing and consuming ever more, we need wild consumerism (the entire world must become like America and even more so) , we need to build trillions of cars and Rockets to Mars and Skyscrapers, we need to increase consumerism like crazy, but everyone believes in this new False Religion of Nature Protection (give us back the old Khrist, we don't need another religion), of Resource Scarcity, etc. when there are no Resource Scarcities and nature is there for us to use as we please and technology today can make us do anything, and we need trillions of Nuclear Reactors for energy, etc..

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