Saturday, September 22, 2012

Everything is an Absolute Truth

Everything is an Absolute Truth
Everything is an Absolute Truth, is the Extreme Truth and there is nothing anyone can do about it: so when the Christian Fundamentalist says God will beat you up and punish you just because, he is 100 % right, it is the Absolute Truth, the Final Truth, no one and nothing can change that, it is like a piece of infinitely hard Matter, like a piece of Steel, like a rock, rock solid, a monolithic slab of infinitely hard matter that can never again be destroyed, and that is why people fight and get pissed off at those who pronounce the Absolute Truth, since no debate and nothing can and will ever change that: and My Religion is the only one that is right, all of what I say is the only Absolute Truth and everyone else is Wrong, so I win Forever, etc.

They are all Absolute Truths, everything is an Absolute Truth, and you have lost any debate against that, all debates are lost forever, another Absolute Truth (the same one, as all is the same and different, all is equal and different from itself ?) is that GOD DOESN'T EXIST and all Religions are False, so this is the Final Word, the Absolute Truth, and the Absolute Truth is that GOD EXISTS and My Religion is the only one that is right, etc.

So everything is right and wrong, so everyone loses forever, only I win, so I lose forever, I lost all debates, TRUTH IS NOT RELATIVE, BUT ABSOLUTE AND GOD WILL BEAT YOU UP, AND TRUTH DOES NOT EXIST BECAUSE IT IS ALL RELATIVE, AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD etc.

And yet Man is only Pent Up Desire to Fight, Man is Fight Repressed (actually civilization and language is the attempt at trying to domesticate and calm down the only instinct we have, and that is to fight and win against everyone, it is so fascinating for the mind to see others and how they are different and all enemies and must be all killed (the mind can't believe that there are other minds different from itself and wants to fight and win against them all), etc. and "love" is the temporary illusion that maybe it is not so, but then it always ends up being so, but we also collaborate, but always against another enemy, etc. so in essence we are always in the same place, we are still forever, (nay we are going backwards forever, everything is going backwards and forwards forever, repeat again) No Progress here, always the same and same fights until we change the Brain Design), would always like to beat and win against all others, the very basis of all of "Life" is the fight, the fight against obstacles, in the form of chemical reactions with molecules in the beginning all fights and actions and reactions, (but sometimes collaborating).

So all of the above is the Absolute Truth, so all of the above is False, there are no Absolute Truths, nothing is true, everything is true, for everything the opposite of everything is true, for everything the opposite of everything is false, etc.

Everything is True and Everything is False, there is No Solution to any problem, the is No Progress ever, we are still forever, everything is a solution to any problem, everything is a solution to anything and everything, we are always going forward ever more, progress is infinite and we are progressing infinitely, we are always changing for the better, etc.

Everything cancels out, no that is all false, only I win, why I am the winner of all ? Why an I so superior to all other people and things ? Why have I won all and everything and everyone else have lost all to me ? (you always win against another, that is why the Economy will never have any kind of solution, the Economy is always doing well or bad according to who you are...).

I repeat the same crap forever, because I am a loser...

So everything (any idea or thing or event or Informational Relationship) is Absolutely False, can't exist, doesn't exist, etc.


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